What is a child benefit loan?

What is a child benefit loan?

Advance comfama subsidy

Free investment credit discounted to the affiliate through the modality of Libranza (Payroll Discount), avoids displacements to pay its line of credit and guarantees the timely payment of its monthly installment.

It consists of granting a credit quota equivalent to six (6) times the value of the monetary subsidy received monthly by the worker for a maximum of three (3) beneficiaries; it is directly discounted from the family subsidy to which the worker is entitled on a monthly basis.

Comfama credit balances

CharacteristicsAmount from: 6 times the value of the family subsidy receivedTerm from 3 to 6 monthsPayment Method: payment is made via automatic debit to the family subsidyRequirements CREDISUBSIDIODocumentation RequiredDOCUMENTATION REQUIRED

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is a “libranza”? It is a means of payment of portfolio where the debtor authorizes his employer to deduct from his monthly or biweekly payroll a certain amount to apply to the cancellation of its obligations to financial institutions, insurance, prepaid medicine, among others.

If I have a negative report at the credit bureaus, can I apply for credit? For the time being, in order to access consumer and/or mortgage loans, it is required to have a good rating in the credit bureaus, so affiliates with a negative report do not apply.

What is debtor life insurance? Debtor life insurance is a support for the different financial obligations, where in case of death of the holder or total and permanent disability, such insurance covers the balance of the credit.


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These companies can only be affiliated to a family compensation fund that operates in the place where the salaries are caused, it is not possible to make partial transfers for some workers and consequently the fund transfers the family subsidy also to all workers who prove the right to it.

Pledge of confa subsidy

The line of credit for free investment is established in order to satisfy the needs not contemplated in other lines of credit that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the members of the Fund.Amount: It is financed up to ten (10) times the salary of the member without exceeding the amount of $50,000,000, according to the capacity of indebtedness. For amounts over $ it is obligatory to use a deposit. Term: The term of the loan may be from one (1) to sixty (60) months.

What is a child benefit loan?
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