What is a solution loan?

What is a solution loan?

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The IDB offers its sovereign Ordinary Capital (OC) borrowers flexible financing solutions to support project risk management capacity, lending programs, and asset-liability management strategies.

Local Currency (LC) Financing As part of the foreign exchange risk mitigation tools offered under the FFF, borrowers can choose financing in their own currency or in other currencies of the region, at the beginning or during the life of the loan. In addition, the IDB offers guarantees in ML.

Management of Discontinued Financial Products Borrowers can convert their loans under discontinued financial products to a flexible, market-standard type of financing. This additional flexibility allows borrowers to manage their loan portfolio with the IDB to strengthen their debt management.

Sovereign borrowers can choose from a range of options built into loan contracts that allow them to tailor the terms and conditions of their Ordinary Capital (OC) loans to their needs.  The FFF also offers individual hedges to transform the risk characteristics of its IDB operations. These financial solutions respond to changing requirements during the life of IDB loans. Subject to market availability, these options are available at any time during the life of a loan on a partial or full amount of the balance due or at the loan portfolio level.

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In case you have problems with the payment of your debts, first go directly to your creditor (entity that gave you the credit, bank, sofol, sofom, or any other entity that originated the credit, union, fund, company…etc.) and look directly for alternatives to re-document the payment conditions of the debt you have.

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Avoid giving your information to anyone who claims to be your “advisor” who will “solve” your problems, since there may be unauthorized people who instead of providing you with solutions, may cause you more problems.

If you have problems with your credit history, remember that no one can “fix” or modify the information that appears in your Buró de Crédito or Círculo de Crédito report. There are companies and/or Internet sites that, for a fee, offer to “fix” your credit bureau. This is not feasible.

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Loans allow you access to a larger amount of money than you have in savings, quick access to money when you need it for emergencies or to take advantage of business opportunities. But since this money is as a loan, you acquire the responsibility to pay it on time including interest.

However, not everyone has the same indebtedness capacity, so knowing it is essential when thinking about acquiring a debt and not putting at risk the ability to comply with your payments, since non-compliance would lead to future credit problems.

We use credit when we borrow money from a third party, be it a bank or an institution. In return, the third party charges us an interest rate, which is the cost of using the money for the time it takes us to pay it back.

Before requesting money from a bank, you should be aware of your income and debts. This will help you determine if your budget allows you to be up to date with the bank obligation you are going to acquire. In addition, you should analyze if it is necessary to resort to this option, since you can resort to other inputs such as severance payments, savings, etc.

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Military Loan

It is a bank deposit account that allows you to manage your money, make withdrawals and cash deposits, through the international Debit Card, you can make purchases at VISA affiliated stores and you can also use it for direct debit payments or credits.

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What is a solution loan?
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