What is an instant cash loan?

What is an instant cash loan?

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An Express Loan is the fastest and easiest way to obtain the cash credit you are looking for. This type of loan does not require a guarantor and is immediate delivery, you only need your ID to apply for an Express Loan.

When a debt is not paid on the agreed date, a penalty for non-payment (PIP) is charged which is calculated as 4% of the outstanding installment with a minimum of S/50 or US$20 on the first day the installment is due, depending on the currency in which the credit is denominated.

As in this case the result of the percentage of the Penalty for Non-Payment does not exceed the minimum amount established, the amount of S/50.00 will be charged according to the current tariff.

The customer, if he/she wishes, may request a grace period of up to 24 months. In this case, if the client requests a 12-month grace period (g=364 in days), the interest, insurance and expenses generated during that period are capitalized and added to the initial loan amount in order to calculate the “new” total installment on the “new” principal at the same term.

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Although the amounts offered for Instant Cash are always in soles, it is possible for the payment to be made in dollars if you have a Savings Account in that currency. The exchange rate in effect at that time will be applied.

Yes, you can make as many prepayments as you wish at any time, to fully repay your Instant Cash debt or reduce the amount or term of the remaining installments. Prepayments will include interest calculated as of the day of payment. This action does not imply additional costs.

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EXTRALINE CREDIT CARD: Maximum reference APR calculated considering the maximum APR of 26.68% for an Instant Cash of S/ 5,000 for 12 months, the customer will pay installments of approximately S/ 479.42. Includes total interest of S/ 670.21 and the Credit Loss Insurance of S/ 6.90.

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What it means Collateral is a personal asset that you already own, such as your car, a savings account or a home. Why it’s important Collateral is important to lenders because it offsets the risk they take in offering you credit. By using your assets as collateral you will have more borrowing options, including credit accounts that may have lower interest rates and better terms. Using collateral If you have assets such as equity in your home, you could potentially use your home equity as collateral to secure a loan; this could allow you to take advantage of a higher credit limit, better terms and a lower rate. But, remember, when you use an asset as collateral, the lender may have the right to repossess it if the loan is not repaid.

What it means Conditions refer to a number of factors that lenders may consider before extending credit. Conditions may include: Why it’s important Conditions are important because they could affect your financial situation and your ability to repay the loan. Lenders may also consider your customer history when applying for new credit. Because they may assess your overall financial responsibility, the relationship you have established with them can be valuable when you need more credit.

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In simple terms, interest rate is defined as: the index used in economics and finance to record the profitability of a savings or the cost of a credit, it has a direct relationship between money and time. In the case that a person decides to invest his money in a bank fund, or that is added to the final cost of a person or entity that decides to obtain a loan or credit.

Likewise, when a company or individual decides to borrow money, an interest rate will be applied to the amount requested on the borrowed money, depending on the time it is decided to be repaid and the amount of cash extended to the person.

It is very important that at the moment of having a company, the interest rate that will be charged at the moment of buying some inputs of greater value or at the moment of requesting a loan is studied very well, since many times the charge can be excessive.

What is an instant cash loan?
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