What is eviction moratorium?

Rental delays triple in the U.S.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, announced this Tuesday that the Council of Ministers will approve at its meeting next week a new extension of both the ban on evictions of vulnerable families living on rent, and the possibility for this type of households to obtain a deferment or remission of payment and an extension of the lease expiration date, measures of the ‘social shield’ that expired next October 31. Mortgage evictions of vulnerable groups, on the other hand, are banned until 2024.

The Ministry specified in May that the moratorium on evictions of vulnerable households in rented housing may include those families that do not have a contract when there are dependents, victims of violence against women or minors. In such cases, the judge may decide to suspend the eviction when the owners are individuals or legal entities owning more than 10 homes and after requesting a report from the social services to assess the situation of economic vulnerability and identify measures to respond to it.

Duration of rent and MORATORIA until 9/05/2021

Last May, the Government approved Royal Decree-Law 8/2021, of May 4, adopting urgent measures in the health, social and jurisdictional order, to be applied after the end of the validity of the state of alarm declared by Royal Decree 926/2020, of October 25, declaring the state of alarm to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2, which was validated by the Congress of Deputies on May 20, 2021.

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The purpose of Royal Decree-Law 8/2021, of May 4, was to extend the temporary effectiveness of certain measures, mainly of a social and economic nature, which were linked to the state of alarm, and which lapsed with the end of the state of alarm. This extension extended the effectiveness of the most significant protection measures, the so-called “social shield”, until August 9, 2021. These measures, together with others also promoted by the Government, such as the Temporary Employment Regulation Files or the Minimum Vital Income, have prevented large sectors of the population from being affected in their subsistence economic situation and in some cases even crossing the so-called poverty threshold.

COVID-19. ASUFIN explains the rental aid measures

The measures, which are “urgent and necessary to respond to the situation of vulnerable households”, include the extension until October 31 of the protection measures that were approved for vulnerable households facing eviction proceedings from their habitual residence.

Likewise, the extension of the housing lease contracts that can benefit from the extraordinary extension of six months has been extended until October 31, under the same terms and conditions of the contract in force, “provided that a different agreement had not been reached between the parties and that the owner, a natural person, had not communicated the need for the housing for himself”. As with the previous measure, it can only be requested once during the entire period in which this measure has been in force.

Likewise, the period during which landlords affected by the suspension of evictions can submit the request for compensation to address situations of social and economic vulnerability in the area of housing has been extended.

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Neighbors stop the eviction of a family with 5 children in New York City

A hundred demonstrators demanded Friday in Manhattan that the moratorium on evictions in New York State, in force since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, be maintained.

Gathered in front of the municipal library, in the middle of 5th Avenue, the demonstrators raised banners and shouted slogans such as “having a home is a human right” or “Governor of evictions”, before the police proceeded to make some arrests.

If the moratorium is finally ended this Saturday, “we know that tens of thousands of women and children of color in New York will be evicted by their landlords (from their homes) and will find themselves on the street,” warned Brad Lander, a financial controller who works for the City of New York.

Housing in New York, particularly in neighborhoods like Manhattan or Brooklyn where prices are prohibitive, both for renting and buying, is one of the black spots of daily life in the economic and cultural capital of the United States.

What is eviction moratorium?
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