What is my CIS status?



It carries out this task mainly by conducting surveys in which people are asked their opinion on various current socioeconomic and political issues (health, education, immigration, among others).

It consists of asking a series of questions on a subject to a sample of people selected following a series of scientific rules that make this sample, as a whole, representative of the general population from which it comes.

The survey is not an exam and there are no right or wrong answers; if there is a question you prefer not to answer, you may do so if you wish. You do not need any special training or knowledge to answer a survey. It is about knowing your opinion and all answers are valid; it is important to collect different visions and points of view to get the portrait of what society as a whole thinks about a topic.


The reality that combines a negative perception of the country’s economy influenced by the catastrophic speeches of the right wing and the evidence of the data, which does not support these theses, has been represented in two questions that the CIS usually includes every month in its barometers which, in addition to the traditional vote estimation and assessment of politicians, incorporates other socioeconomic issues, such as the main concerns of citizens or their vision about the management of the pandemic, among other matters.

The studies carried out by the institute directed by José Félix Tezanos show, in short, that although citizens are noticing the recovery in their own finances and are very optimistic about their future, they consider at the same time that the economic situation of the country is still bad, just in line with what Casado, Abascal and Arrimadas defend in their recent catastrophic speeches.

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In addition to the recovery of employment, another relevant figure is that of tax collection, which is also at historic highs. Never before has the State collected so much: it is more than ever before and also more than what the Government had calculated.


The barometers include a series of monthly or quarterly questions relating to the evaluation of the current political situation and its future evolution, the evaluation of the current economic situation and its future evolution, the evaluation of the work of the national government and the first opposition party, voting intentions in general elections, voting estimates, and ideological self-placement on a graded scale. Since 1996 these questions have been asked almost continuously with a similar formulation, therefore this will be the date from which we will study and construct the indicators, even though we have results for previous periods.

When it comes to phenomena that are measurable through a quantitative variable, such as the volume of production, the level of prices, etc., the literature offers a whole series of possibilities: simple indexes, Laspeyres or Paasche composite indexes, Fisher’s ideal index, etc.

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What is my CIS status?
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