What is the meaning of payment declined?

What is the meaning of payment declined?

The card issuer rejects this free fire request.

Attempting to make the payment again will automatically apply a charge for your outstanding balance. Payment processing may take a few hours. If the payment is not successful within one business day after the reattempt, cancel the outstanding balance. To clear the outstanding balance, make a payment.

If you used a new payment method to pay off your balance, you must still attempt to use your primary payment method again. Otherwise, future balances may be charged to your new payment method or ads may stop running if there is no valid payment method.

Please enter an alternate credit card to prevent your ads from being dropped. We will only apply charges to your alternate credit card in the event that the primary payment method is declined.

If the payment by bank account appears as “rejected” in the account, it means that the bank did not allow us to charge your bank account. Here’s how to get your ads to continue to run:

Payment declined and charged

Even if the card information is correct, charges may report an error such as “Declined” or “There is an error on your card. Your bank has rejected our attempt to authorize your card”.

– It happens when you have changed your card (if the previous one is no longer valid or by your express wish). In these cases the information we have about your card is not correct and all charges will report the error.

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There can be a lot of reasons for this (restrictions applied by your bank on countries, currencies, daily/weekly/monthly fees, limits on number of attempts and even reasons specific to your card contract).

Because my card rejects the payment

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I can’t pay youtube premium

We know that having a payment declined can be very stressful and can lead to lost advertising opportunities, so here is some information to help you resolve this issue quickly.

Strong customer authentication is required. Your bank may require multi-factor authentication to prevent online fraud and unauthorized access to your account. You can make a manual payment and authenticate your card.

When you update the declined card or add a new card, we will charge you for the outstanding balance. The account suspension will be lifted as soon as the payment is successfully processed. We will also replace the primary payment method if you choose a different payment method or add a new one.

Once a payment has been declined, we will notify you by email that we were unable to process the payment. We will also try to process the payment again in case there was a temporary system problem or if the card issue has been resolved. Here’s how it works:

What is the meaning of payment declined?
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