What makes you priority for council housing?

What makes you priority for council housing?

Registration of subsidized housing

NO. In addition to being in one of the cases listed in the Order of November 5, 2001 and meeting the requirements for it, changes are granted in order of score and depending on the actual availability of housing, with priority being given to new applicants.

YES, but in this case, the change of housing must be requested directly to the current Social Housing Agency, indicating in your application that you are a recipient of housing of the extinct IRIS (Institute for Relocation and Social Integration) for rehousing.

Priority housing 2021

Buying a home is one of the most important economic decisions in a person’s life. There are many types of housing, from first or second-hand free housing to subsidized housing (VPO). In addition to type, location and price are usually the two factors that most determine the choice. However, the characteristics of the property itself are becoming increasingly important.

The reasons for this increased interest in newly built homes can also be explained, in part, by the outbreak of the pandemic. The consequences of this crisis have increased the amount of time that people spend in their homes, whether they are working or playing sports, among other activities. All of this means that buyers are looking for properties with certain characteristics that are easier to find in new homes than in second-hand ones.

What is the difference between a vip house and a vis-a-vis house?

The intervention of the State in the housing subsector is based on its own competences relating to the bases of economic planning. In this sense, Ruling 152/1988, of July 20, 1988, of the Constitutional Court, recognized the capacity of the State to act in the aforementioned subsector through multi-year housing plans, given the nature and economic repercussions of the subsector, although without forgetting the profoundly social aspect of the same, since it affects one of the most intimate and basic facets of the human being. For this reason, state housing plans have usually proposed objectives of an economic nature, on the one hand, such as contributing to achieving or maintaining adequate levels of activity and employment in the subsector, or correcting certain inefficiencies or failures in the housing markets, and of a social nature, on the other, providing selective support to those social groups with greater difficulties in gaining access to decent housing.

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The least favorable aspect of these phenomena has been that, despite the existing supply, large groups of the population with medium and low income levels, and especially young people, have found themselves in increasingly worse conditions for accessing moderately priced home ownership. Even though the upward trend in prices is showing signs of stabilization, the problem of accessibility will persist for many of these groups, given the downward resistance of nominal prices of free housing together with the narrow margin still available for further reductions in mortgage interest rates.

How to qualify for subsidized housing

“If we maintain this economic and income profile to be able to access subsidized housing and you have to have a specific patrimonial income and, on the other hand, the subsidies are withdrawn, the market detects it and the promoters, whether they are cooperatives or not, who are the ones who have to act on these lands, cease to have a fundamental economic base that makes it unfeasible to build subsidized housing. Right now we find that VPO exists because there is land qualified for it, but for real market purposes, it does not exist, because it only exists if there is demand and it is true that there are families who need access to subsidized housing but what there is not is a legal, fiscal and economic framework that allows it”.

Along the same lines, Maurice Kelly, Director of Asset Development and Strategy, Residential and Land at JLL, believes that “the module price values must be adjusted to the real market values, as it makes no sense for subsidized housing to be sold above free housing”.

What makes you priority for council housing?
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