When did you stop paying for the Severn Bridge?

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Ideal for avoiding crowdsOverviewSpend a day in South Wales with your own private guide and discover the places steeped in history beyond the English border. After leaving Bath, you’ll travel over the Severn Bridge to visit Chepstow Castle, Tintern Abbey and Caerphilly Castle, along with your choice of Monmouth or Raglan Castle. Entrance fees are at your own expense, but your driver guide provides all the back-up information and assistance you need for a hassle-free day in Wales.

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As of June 2020 the United Kingdom has 32 sites designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, one of the countries in the world with the most, although 5 of them are not in the British Isles but in the so-called British Overseas Territories. Some, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, Greenwich or Edinburgh are very famous and regular tourist destinations. Others, however, are less known for being in remote areas and far from London or big cities, so they receive much less international tourism. The idea of this trip was to visit 3 of these less frequented and more difficult to get to if you do not have your own vehicle: Blaenavon and the Pontcysyllte aqueduct in Wales; and the Ironbridge in the northwest of England.

Eating and sleeping: Blaenavon is about 240Km from London and it takes about 3h30′ to get there, almost all the way is by freeway. I stayed overnight at The Lion hotel-pub in the center of town. I paid £75 for a double room including continental breakfast (milk, cereal, toast, yoghurt, fruit). The room was nice and very clean, the service was very pleasant and I recommend it. I had dinner at a restaurant called Butterflies near the hotel. The pork belly was very tasty and reasonably priced, and they also had local craft beer. You have to be attentive because most restaurants in town close their kitchens at 9 o’clock.

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The Severn originates at about 610 meters above sea level in Wales, on the rural plateau of Plynlimon, in the county of Ceredigion. Llanidloes, Caersws, Newtown and Welshpool are four villages in the neighboring county of Powys through which the Severn River flows before entering England. The Severn defines the border between Wales and the English county of Shropshire for a short distance.

Sabrina is also the goddess of the Severn in Celtic mythology. In his 1634 masquerade play Comus, author John Milton characterizes Sabrina. A statue of Sabrina exists in Dingle Gardens at Quarry Park in Shrewsbury, as well as being erected since 2013 a metal sculpture in the town.

The area of its catchment has been calculated at 11,420 km² and average flow is 61.17 m³/s. In terms of water flow, the River Severn is by far the largest watercourse in England and Wales. (See article Danube River)

From its source the River Severn flows in a westerly and southerly direction towards a foothill where it forms meandering bends, crossing a series of villages. It then flows through the capital city of Shropshire, Shrewsbury, and later through the village of Telford, where the first iron bridge over the river, the Ironbridge, can be seen.

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As soon as we leave the city, we take the M48 road towards Newport, already in Wales. Before entering the neighboring country we had to cross the Severn Bridge, a spectacular bridge over Bristol Bay of about 5 kms long. Just after crossing the bridge we came across a sign welcoming us in Welsh and English: “Croeso i Gymry” could be read next to the characteristic dragon, symbol of the country.

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The truth is that although the change in the landscape was minimal, the fact that absolutely all the indications appeared in both languages constituted a distinctive symbol with everything we had seen so far.

We had been in the UK for over 24 hours and to our amazement, we had not yet been rained on. However, it soon began to do so. It was a simple matter of probability and we had already exhausted it. It was now 4pm, rush hour, and it was getting dark. The drizzle did not stop and the traffic was incredibly heavy to the point that we encountered several traffic jams at the entrance to Cardiff.

When did you stop paying for the Severn Bridge?
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