Which payment method is best?

Secure online payment methods

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If we go back to the beginning of the 20th century (even before the birth of the first credit card, which was far from being digital), payment methods were quite simple: money and barter or exchange of products.

I’m sure this fact will help you score a point in your next trivia game, but now let’s get down to business: What payment methods exist today? And the big question for eCommerce owners: What are the best payment methods for online stores?

Here I will explain different payment methods (the traditional ones you already know and the newest ones based on digital and artificial intelligence) so that you can choose the ones you can’t miss in your store.

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In order to make the payment, a payment gateway or virtual POS is necessary to act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. When a buyer places an order and chooses the card payment method, he can choose between credit or debit cards, which only differ in that the former does not deduct the amount from the bank account at the moment, as the latter does. After entering the data, the POS communicates them to the entity that issued the card for verification and, if the latter accepts it as valid, confirms the transaction and the buyer receives confirmation of the purchase.

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This form of online payment is highly appreciated by users, above all for its convenience and security, since data transmission is encrypted, and for the speed with which the transaction can be carried out. For sellers, on the other hand, it may involve the payment of commissions.

The advantages of this form of online payment in eCommerce are very clear, as there is no need to register or provide sensitive data. The order information is automatically entered into the payment form and, since the seller receives the payment confirmation in real time, processing and shipping times are saved, which ultimately results in customer satisfaction.

Payment methods in online stores

When choosing the best online payment method for a business, there are several aspects to take into account. Naturally, the method to choose is one of them: however, there are other complementary factors that we want to talk about that can also play a role in the decision. We will tell you about them below.

We hope that with these tips and characteristics about the different payment methods you will be able to choose the one that best suits your business. We recommend that you consult other related articles such as this one in which we talk about the advantages of PayPal over other payment methods.

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Today we try to answer a key question in the world of private-to-private payments. Bizum and transfers, both valid methods to pay but different in operation. Which is the safest method?

Paying with Bizum is safe, completely safe, since it is your bank who is behind the operation. The problem is that it is a payment method very much thought for family and friends, and less for businesses.

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For this reason, when we go to Wallapop or other websites where those who manage sales are individuals and not reputable companies, Bizum becomes a much weaker tool in terms of security.

Especially because claiming our money in case of scam is much more complicated, to the point that if I go wrong in a payment with a defective product recovering the money is almost impossible.

For this reason, in case of buying between users where there is no trust or way to obtain guarantees, it is safer to resort to bank transfer, which gives a greater margin of time to cancel payment in case of scam.even so, for any purchase where buyers and sellers are trustworthy traditional methods are recommended, but it is usually advised rather services such as PayPal, designed from its conception as digital wallets and safe to pay online.

Which payment method is best?
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