Who are Auden loans?

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Learn how to make an unsecured loan at ISSPOL. The Social Security Institute of the National Police (ISSPOL) with the aim of supporting those members or retirees to obtain a credit to help meet some needs, has proposed the loan or unsecured credit.

This institute has been offering different credit services for all those active or passive affiliates and for the montepio, that is to say that in order to access these credits you must belong to one of these groups. In order to obtain an unsecured loan it is necessary to follow a series of steps that will be described below.

These are credits that are given in the short or medium term either to an individual or a legal entity to cover specific or urgent needs that lack specific guarantees beyond the obligation subscribed to the promissory note.


Antonio is a wealthy Venetian merchant, Bassanio’s best friend, Shylock’s archenemy, and the guy who puts up a pound of his flesh as collateral so Bassanio can borrow money to woo Portia in fine style.

While Hamlet is probably Shakespeare’s most depressed character, Antonio is certainly no slouch. During the opening of the play on the streets of Venice, Antonio appears on stage and tells his friends that he is totally depressed, but he doesn’t know why: “Indeed, I know not why I am so sad. It worries me. You say it troubles you too” (1.1.1-2).

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Why is this guy so emo? Solanius says that [Antony’s] “imagination flounders on the ocean” because all his money is invested in a series of ventures at sea (1.1.8). But Antonio offers a detailed explanation saying that this is not true and declares, “It is not, therefore, the fate of my merchandise that saddens me” (1.1.46). When Solanius says, “Well then it is that you are in love” (1.1.47), Antonio’s response does not seem to show enthusiasm. “Take away, take away!” (1.1.48), he says, unconvincingly. So, could it be that Antonio is lovesick?


Porfirio highlighted that 59% of the loans belonged to women and 41% to men, while 75% of the loans were placed in the commerce sector, a dynamic sector of the economy, which generates many resources and which at this time needs the helping hand of PROMIPYME.

The activity, headed by Porfirio Peralta, was held at the Convention and Dominican Culture Center of the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA), where authorities of the city and other institutions of the business sector were present.

Víctor García Sued, director of the North regional office of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, expressed that Porfirio Peralta is doing a wonderful job, who has been coherent with the proposal of President Luis Abinader, in the sense of getting entrepreneurs to start new businesses, promote new jobs and dynamize the economy in the sector which generates more jobs, which is that of the Mipymes.


ECHO has earmarked 450,000 European Currency Units (ECU) for a project it is carrying out in cooperation with the Italian non-governmental organization Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI). europa.eu

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ECHO plans to intervene, with the Italian NGO Cooperazione Internazionale, by providing food, medicines and blankets, evacuating the sick, and reinforcing riverbanks. europa.eu

The determination of the eligible expenditure and of the beneficiaries of the aid scheme will be based on the modalities and priorities indicated in paragraph 1 of the annex of the “Deliberazione della Giunta regionale delle Marche n. 93 del 28 gennaio 2008 “Programma annuale 2008 della legge regionale 23 febbraio 2005, N. 7 – Promozione della cooperazione per lo sviluppo rurale””, which constitutes the legal basis for the aid and the final text of which will be transmitted to the Commission once approved. eur-lex.europa.eu

Article 7 authorizes the Istituto Regionale per il Credito alla Cooperazione (hereinafter referred to as ‘the IRCAC’), pursuant to Regional Law No 37/78, to grant to companies set up by young entrepreneurs loans with interest rate subsidies as operating loans for start-up

Who are Auden loans?
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