Why is Adyen so successful?

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7 out of 10 customers have ever given up shopping because the checkout queue was too long. This figure, taken from the 2019 consumer expectations study conducted by Adyen, payment specialists, shows that payment management remains a crucial element of the shopping journey that should not be neglected. And with the advent of omnichannel, the classic situation of a checkout installed at a large counter, with a customer on one side and a salesperson on the other is not enough. We are in the era of mobility and the multiplication of omnichannel services.

In addition to payment, mobility tools allow brands to create new experiences at the point of sale thanks to a stronger relationship between salesperson and customer. The salesperson can also access the customer’s purchase history, his or her customer journeys in both physical and virtual stores, and even his or her wish list before starting a conversation with him or her (clienteling).

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In life there are not many sure things. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand and often they are not pleasant. Also in investing there are few certainties. Of course, favoring low-cost solutions and maintaining a diversified portfolio improves our chances of becoming a successful investor, as does buying shares in companies with strong competitive advantages.

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On the other hand, there are some moves that seem to be a recipe for failure: for example, paying unjustifiably high fees for financial instruments or buying stocks with unpredictable cash flows when they are overvalued. These stocks are often the ones to avoid.

The following table shows European securities with high or very high fair value uncertainty ratings that trade at least 50% above our fair value estimates.

The uncertainty rating represents the predictability of the company’s future cash flows and, therefore, the level of certainty we have in our estimate of the fair value of that company. The uncertainty rating reflects a range of possible intrinsic values of a company based on the characteristics of the underlying business of the securities, including such things as operating and financial leverage, sensitivity of sales to the economy, product concentration and other factors. If the range of potential intrinsic values is narrow, the company gets a low uncertainty rating. If the range is large, the company gets a high uncertainty rating.

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By processing the most common payment methods and offering simple pricing plans, Adyen has become the trusted payment service provider for brands that want to grow and are looking for simple logistics. Whether in-store, online or on mobile devices, transactions are processed from a single platform.

Adyen’s operations support team not only responds to questions asked; it also shows a proactive attitude towards possible future questions through advice and information. Of course, the context, experience and expertise of the team members have a big influence.

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“We don’t just answer customers’ questions, we try to explain to them what’s going on. We want to train them to be experts on our platform so they can find what they are looking for without having to come to us.”

Answering customer questions from all over the world effectively and empathetically is no easy task. Success is achieved with a company culture and tools to optimize workflows. For Adyen’s customer service team, this means talking directly to the customer on the phone.

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It has an impact on the final consumer experience and, therefore, on sales. In the online world, if the experience is good, for example, if you are buying from mobile and you don’t have to go from one page to another, it becomes much easier to buy, the user probably buys more and stays with a positive experience that makes it much easier for him to come back. A good checkout experience has a major impact on companies’ business accounts, both on a revenue level, because it allows more purchases to be concluded and keeps people coming back more often, and on cost control, because they require fewer people to manage this.

To begin with, it is vital that payment operations are efficient at the checkout. There are stores that still manually enter the cost into a payment terminal. That is slower and more error-prone than being able to scan and send the price directly. We call this an integration, and it allows for more efficient operations and fewer errors, both at the time of sale and for reconciliation. It is also important to be able to take payments on the move. Have people taking payments in other areas of the store to reduce the queues that form at the checkout. And you have to make sure that consumers don’t leave empty-handed when they go to the store with a clear idea of what they want to buy and can’t find it. You can offer what we call the infinite aisle, i.e., they can buy from the online inventory in the store and have it delivered to their home.

Why is Adyen so successful?
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