Why is my refund taking so long?

Why is my refund taking so long?

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Returns can be dropped off at any pickup location after printing the return label from the self-service website. Affix the label to the package and take it to your preferred pickup location within five days.

Each carrier has its own service cancellation policy. If you return your iPhone or iPad, your contract may not be cancelled automatically. The contract with the carrier and any charges associated with it are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your carrier for more information.

When we receive your item, a refund will be processed immediately. If you have cancelled a pickup item and we have already billed you for it, we process a refund as soon as you submit your cancellation request. How the refund is processed depends on the payment method used:

Once you have informed us of your intention to return a product, simply send it back to us along with the purchase receipt, original packaging and included accessories. You have an additional 14 days after expressing your intention to return or cancel a service contract to return the products or make arrangements for their collection.


Where is my refund? will report the status of your refund. You can check the status within 24 hours after we receive your electronic return, or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return. The information you have is the most current information regarding your refund.

It is taking us more than 21 days to be able to issue refunds on certain 2020 tax returns requiring review that were mailed and e-filed. Mailed correspondence is also taking longer to process. Thank you for your patience.

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There are many things that can affect when we issue your refund after receiving your return. Although we issue most refunds in less than 21 days, it is possible that your refund may take longer. In addition, please remember to also take into account the time it takes for your financial institution to post the refund to your account, or for the refund to arrive in the mail.


In times of compliance with the delivery of annual returns, the most frequently asked questions by taxpayers are: How long will it take for the SAT to return the money in favor? and, What do I do if this balance in favor does not arrive in the stipulated time?

In its web page, the SAT writes: “When you have a balance in your favor, you will be able to request the corresponding refunds. This happens when, after calculating your taxes, it turns out that you paid more than what you owed, so you can request a refund before the SAT”.

In addition to this article, there are others that are worth knowing in order to make sure that you comply with the stipulations of the authority. To consult these “complements”, go to: https://www.sat.gob.mx/tramites/24016/solicita-tu-devolucion

It would be interesting to talk to those taxpayers who have already complied in order to know if the return complies with the deadline. Especially considering what was said by the Deputy Attorney General of Prodecon’s functions, who assures that there is a requirement to operate within 3 days:

Where’s My Refund

The IRS may contact you if they notice a discrepancy in your return. In some cases, they may also write to you just to confirm something you have reported. The problem can usually be resolved by sending them an explanation or even calling them on the phone. It is important that you read the notice sent to you carefully and respond before the deadline. If you are not sure how to respond, contact a tax professional.

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If you cannot pay your tax bill all at once, there is an installment payment option. You will still need to file your return by the deadline and then request an installment agreement under which you will pay the IRS gradually over a period of time. If you prefer to mail your request, you may complete Federal Form 9465 and send it to the office listed in the instructions for that form.

If you filed your tax return electronically, you can generally expect to receive your refund within 10 to 21 days. However, the IRS does not guarantee the timely issuance of your refund check or deposit. You can use the IRS Refund Status page to check the status of your refund.

Why is my refund taking so long?
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