Will they back date Child Benefit?

Will they back date Child Benefit?

Social Security Points

The Minimum Vital Income is a benefit aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion of people who live alone or are integrated in a cohabitation unit and lack basic economic resources to cover their basic needs.

It is configured as a subjective right to an economic benefit, which is part of the protective action of Social Security, and guarantees a minimum level of income to those who are in a situation of economic vulnerability.    It seeks to guarantee a real improvement in the opportunities for social and labor inclusion of the beneficiaries.

Date of payment of child allowance 2020

2.- Benefit for a dependent child without disability or disability less than 33%, if you are not entitled to the Minimum Vital Income you will continue to receive the dependent child allowance. What you cannot do is to apply for it for the first time.

The economic allowance initially recognized will be received as long as there are no family variations that determine its increase, decrease or extinction.  It is not necessary to renew the dependent child allowance, it is done automatically when the data is checked with the Tax Agency, but it is convenient to have the updated contact data because the Social Security may require documentation to prove that the circumstances that give right to this aid are still present. In the case of disability, it is necessary to renew the disability certificate before it expires.

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The annual income cannot exceed 12,424.00 euros. This amount is increased by 15% for each dependent child or foster child, starting from the second one, including this one. There is no income limit for the recognition of the condition of beneficiary of the allowance for a dependent child or foster child with a disability.

Discontinuation of child benefit

Article 1°.- The purpose of Social Security is to protect the health of the country’s human capital, the continuity of its means of subsistence, the application of adequate measures for the rehabilitation of disabled persons and the granting of the necessary means for the improvement of the living conditions of the family group, including social housing.

Article 2 – The application of the Social Security rules shall be carried out in accordance with the Code and these Regulations which establish the Compulsory Social Security, Family Allowance and Popular Housing systems, which are mandatory for all persons and institutions included in their scope of application.

The General Directorate of Social Security shall determine the inclusion in the scope of application of the Code of the companies and institutions that are in a special situation and shall determine the Fund to which they must be affiliated.

Article 13.- Nationals working abroad on behalf of the State or Bolivian employers, provided they are paid by the latter, are compulsorily subject to disability, old age and death insurance.

Date of payment of child allowance 2021

The “points allowance” (the Social Security dependent child allowance) can still be collected if the application for the Minimum Living Income was submitted and was rejected.    We explain the requirements.

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In the system implemented by the Ministry of Social Security and Inclusion, the objective is to group all welfare benefits together and gradually replace them with the Minimum Vital Income.

This is what is happening with the points allowance, officially known as the dependent child allowance.    There are already more than 100,000 families who were receiving the points allowance and are now receiving the Minimum Vital Income, which is a higher amount of assistance.

However, there are also frequent cases of people who were receiving the dependent child allowance, applied for the Minimum Vital Income and have been denied. What happens in this case, do they lose the points assistance?

As from the entry into force of this Royal Decree-Law, no new applications may be submitted for the economic allowance for a dependent child or minor without disability or with a disability of less than 33 percent of the Social Security system, which will be extinguished, without prejudice to the provisions of the third paragraph. However, the beneficiaries of the transitional economic benefit of minimum living income who on December 31, 2020 do not meet the requirements to be beneficiaries of the minimum living income may exercise the right of option to return to the economic allowance per dependent child or minor of the Social Security system.

Will they back date Child Benefit?
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