Are old number plates worth anything?

Are old number plates worth anything?

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If the enrollment fee is paid in full online, the enrollment status is updated immediately for old students, internal transfers and reinstatements, and new students and external transfers are immediately enabled to register course schedules and/or consult the enrollment date.

2. Cash: You can make the total payment by presenting the proof of payment at the following banks: BBVA, BANCOLOMBIA, BANCO POPULAR, BANCO CAJA SOCIAL, BANCO DE OCCIDENTE, DAVIVIENDA and ITAU.

3. Mixed payments: To pay part in cash and part by credit card, you must go to the Treasurer’s Office (located in block 18, floor 1).     If part of the payment is by credit card, the cardholder must present himself/herself.

4. Cashier’s check issued by a bank: You may make the payment, presenting the payment voucher, at the banks listed in numeral 2, except BANCOLOMBIA.    The check must be made out to the UNIVERSITY OF MEDELLIN, for the exact amount indicated on the payment voucher, and the back of the check must include the student’s full name, identity document and telephone number.

Spanish license plates

To change the vehicle’s registration number, the first step is to apply for a new technical inspection card at an ITV. The application must then be taken (the form can be downloaded online) to the Jefatura de Tráfico of the province to which the address belongs and a fee of 91.80 EUR must be paid. It will also be required to present the vehicle registration certificate and the ITV cards: the original and the new one, on which the new license plate will be indicated.

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How to change the car’s license plateAlthough it is relatively simple, it is convenient to explain how to replace license plates. Such plates can be purchased in specialized spare parts stores upon presentation of the relevant documentation. They cost around 15 euros.

02/08/2021 – 3 minutes readHow to drive in a roundaboutAdvisor – Car legislationThe traffic circle was proposed as a road solution to promote the proper functioning of the traffic when arriving at an intersection. The problem comes when not all drivers know how to drive through it. Here we explain it to you.

Registration number cuc

White, blue, yellow, red, green… Car license plates are as varied as there are countries and legislations in the world. Today we are very used to seeing them on vehicles circulating in cities and on highways, but they were not always there.

When the automobile was invented, there were so few vehicles circulating in the world that it did not seem necessary to identify them by license plates. Very few could afford to buy a car, so knowing who owned that noisy contraption that moved horselessly everywhere was very easy.

Things became more complicated when those cars started to be mass produced, their price became cheaper and those who could afford them started to be much more numerous. How to know who they belonged to, when looking for the person responsible in an accident, for example, if they were not identified in some way? The solution was to find a system that could identify both the vehicle and its owner without any doubt. And so license plates were born.

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Old Spanish license plates

If you want to make license plates for your vehicle you can go to a specialized center or buy them online. In either case you will need to present or send documentation, so that they can register who is requesting it, what car it is for and how many plates are made.

You will have to make a new plate for any accessory or trailer that covers the license plate of your car. It is also very common to do this procedure if you want to replace a deteriorated license plate or change the old metal plates for the new acrylic polycarbonate ones.

Of course, you can only make license plates for cars that are already registered. That is to say, that at the time the registration and circulation taxes have been paid and the paperwork has been done at the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). This is the only way you will have the necessary documentation for this procedure.

If the vehicle you want to register does not have the documentation, we recommend you to take a look at the following article to know the necessary steps for your car to have everything in order:

Are old number plates worth anything?
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