Are personal plates worth it?

Are personal plates worth it?

Subsidies for solar panels 2021

When we talk about cheap motherboards, we are referring to those that are offered for very cheap prices when they have chipsets that leave much to be desired. And you will say, there are good brands behind, but the truth is that they offer a number of insurmountable disadvantages if we ever wanted to expand the power of our PC.

That is why today we are going to see why it is not worth buying a cheap motherboard. Stay in this short article to find out what elements you should take into account when making your purchase.

A motherboard is a complex plate made of fiberglass and other fireproof elements where an integrated circuit that is capable of interconnecting all the peripherals and hardware that make up a computer is distributed. Without a motherboard, a CPU would be absolutely useless, since we would not be able to connect such important elements as the hard disk, the screen or simply the mouse and keyboard.

Well, a CPU has a certain TDP (Thermal Design Power), and it is always exceeded when we demand the maximum from it. If we have a bad board, the VRM will be bad and will not power the CPU as it should, causing performance failures and even reboots for not being able to deliver enough power. Moreover, it could shorten the life of our CPU and even burn out if we demand too much.

Solar panels are worth it

The significant growth of self-consumption installations in our country has its origin in a much more favorable legislation, from the hand of RD 244/2019 and RDL 15/2018. These royal decrees, in addition to eliminating administrative and economic barriers such as the popularly known “sun tax”, introduced the simplified compensation mechanism (i.e., being able to receive financial compensation for the energy discharged to the grid) and the possibility of installing shared self-consumption in blocks of apartments (a single installation shared by several owners). Thus, investment in self-consumption is now much more attractive for consumers.

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The installation consists of solar panels (fixed to the roof by means of a structure) and other elements such as inverters, cables and connectors. Optionally, it can incorporate a battery storage system.

The system is connected to the internal electrical grid of the building in question. As long as there is sufficient solar radiation, the building will consume electricity generated by the system, and when there is not enough, it will consume electricity from the grid. When there is more generation than consumption, the electricity will be fed into the grid (as long as we have made the necessary arrangements to feed into the grid).

Solar panels opinions

It is undoubtedly one of the million dollar questions when we start thinking about carrying out a photovoltaic installation for our home or our company, is it really profitable to install solar panels?

Hermanos Mata is a company that carries out the complete process of the elaboration of products derived from the Iberian Pig, from its breeding in its own farms to the whole process of elaboration of the products, including the salting chambers, cellar, dryers and final packaging, which has high energy requirements that will allow us to correctly analyze its profitability.

At the time of carrying out an installation of solar panels, one of the most important points to take into account is to carry out a good previous study. In it we will see which are the consumptions, which is the best location and orientation for the solar panels, the types of plate, inverter and other elements that will make up our installation. The objective of this study will be to achieve the highest possible savings with the lowest possible investment, so it is important that you always ask for this detailed preliminary study when requesting a quote for your installation.

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Solar panel companies

Contigo Energía offers simple solar energy systems, with package deals and a wide variety of options to suit your home and your consumption. Below are some examples of prices and installation and maintenance processes included.

There are many good reasons to start going solar. From reducing energy costs to protecting the environment, discover all that solar energy can do for you.

A solar power system is a long-term investment and you want to make sure it will deliver the electricity you expect. That’s why our partner Contigo Energia has created a warranty package that covers both system parts and production performance over time.

Solar energy is a free and unlimited resource and has very little impact on the environment. By using solar energy in your home, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and protect our planet for generations to come.

Are personal plates worth it?
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