Can I do change of ownership without roadworthy?

Can I do change of ownership without roadworthy?

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When selling or buying a car, there are certain assumptions, called by the General Directorate of Traffic “limitations of disposition”, which deprive us of the change of ownership, among them we find the vehicle without the ITV in order.

Likewise, the lack of information may cause you inconveniences if you are the buyer of the second-hand vehicle, such as being swindled or having acquired the vehicle for a higher price than you should have paid for it. Keep in mind that sometimes cars may have unregulated modifications, if this is your case, continue reading here.

To the question of whether it is possible to change the ownership of a car without the ITV in order, the answer is no, you can change the owner of the vehicle as long as you have carried out some previous steps that we are going to expose you. You will have to agree between the seller and the buyer to establish who will be in charge of the paperwork and management.

We clarify: if you wish to transfer a car with an expired ITV in the Vehicle Report of the Dirección General de Tráfico, you will be able to change the name of the owner, but until you pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, you will not obtain the Driving License. The steps to follow to be able to circulate with the vehicle are the following ones:

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Cannot be transferred

The task of buying a second-hand car does not end after making the purchase contract and putting the keys in your new vehicle. There is one more step you have to take at the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) to tie everything up and avoid problems in the future: the change of ownership of the car, also known as transfer of the vehicle.

When it is a second-hand car that is already registered, changing the ownership of the vehicle at the DGT is something that, as a buyer, you should do immediately after the purchase, if possible within the first ten days of the sale. Although you have a month to do it, the sooner you do it, the sooner you will appear as the new owner in the Registry of the General Directorate of Traffic.

If you have bought your second-hand car through a dealership or second-hand car buying and selling company, in principle this company will take care of all the procedures for the change of ownership and will give you the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) card and the vehicle registration certificate already in your name.

How to transfer a vehicle without papers

If you are the buyer of the used car, you have a period of 30 days – at the most – from the moment of signing the agreement to be able to make the change of ownership. Once this procedure is completed, a new vehicle registration certificate will be issued, which will only be valid if the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) is up to date.

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These are the general and necessary requirements to be able to transfer or change the ownership of your car. But, you may be wondering: “How can I transfer a car? What means do I need? Very easy! In the following section we will tell you all about it.

If the transfer and change of ownership of the car is managed in person at the DGT offices, the process can be managed by both the buyer and the seller. However, if a third party goes, he/she must have the authorization and ID of one of the parties involved in the purchase and sale and also of the authorized person.

Important Note: Trámites DGT Online does not downplay the importance of the headquarters and government agencies that directly process the transfer of a car or change of ownership. In fact, we are a group of authorized managers to facilitate and manage in a faster way such documentation.

It is possible to buy a car without itv

Transfers of any type of vehicle involving a buyer or seller with guardianship, death of the owner, separation or divorce, vehicle donations, historic vehicles, vehicles with more than one owner (co-owners), vehicles acquired at auction. More information in the section “How to make the transfer in exceptional cases”.

Before transferring a vehicle, it is necessary to check that the vehicle is transferable: The vehicle must be registered and up to date in the payment of local taxes and penalties related to the vehicle (vehicle documentation, compulsory insurance, periodic vehicle inspections (ITV) and its state of conservation). The existence of a reservation of ownership, seizure, or a sealing order on the vehicle may entail certain limitations when transferring or notifying the sale.

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In any case the procedure must be carried out by the buyer or his representative. At the time of submitting the request we will provide you with a receipt. If we need any clarification or correction of your request, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. Once the transfer has been made, we will send you to the address indicated the documentation of the vehicle already in your name.

Can I do change of ownership without roadworthy?
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