Can I drive a motorbike with a car license?

Carnet a2

There are very interesting and “exotic” alternatives on the market. First of all, if we want an urban motorcycle, those with a pivoting axle and two wheels in front are easier and safer to drive if you are not experienced. They are less agile in traffic and are heavier to move, but they have that extra safety advantage over two-wheeled scooters, especially when braking. In addition, when you stop at a traffic light, you don’t need to hold them with your feet thanks to their anti-tilting system.

What motorcycles can I ride with a B license?

The regulation allows users with the B license to drive motorcycles equivalent to the A1 license (maximum power 11 kW) without having to take an exam. It also gives them the option of passing directly to the A2 practical test to ride higher-powered motorcycles (up to 35 kW or 48 hp). To get behind the handlebars of any type of motorcycle or tricycle, regardless of its engine, you need an A driving license.

To begin with, not just any motorcycle can be driven. The B license offers a maximum of up to 125 cc displacement, no sidecar, no more than 11 kW of power (14.96 hp) and a maximum power/weight ratio of 0.1 kW/kg.

That I can drive with a b license

However, in view of the accident statistics recorded in some cities, there are those who demand that the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) oblige drivers with a B license to carry out a series of practices. But, before we get to this point, let’s take it one step at a time…

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The logical thing to do, for ease of handling, is to start with a scooter, although there are also motorcycles of all types that meet the requirements of the A1 and B licenses. Chances are that you lack experience and even don’t know how to engage the gears on a motorcycle.

Therefore, before you go out into road traffic, it is a good idea to go to a safe driving school. In a basic introductory course you will acquire the necessary knowledge to “let yourself go”. And most probably you will have to repeat the course to continue adding notions and practice. Do not despair or be impatient. Remember that in a two-wheeled vehicle you are not as “armored” as in a car and that you have to be “alert” at the controls.

Motorcycle license

Tricycles.  The B license also allows driving vehicles approved as tricycles, that is, three-wheeled motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of more than 50cc. Therefore, the car license enables to drive them even though some of them exceed 125cc. And this makes it possible to drive motorcycles with more power, because the two wheels located on one of the axles -generally the front one- rotate symmetrically: they are less agile and heavier, but also more stable and faster, and generally more expensive. They have a system that keeps them upright on their own, and the rear brake is operated in a complementary way by a pedal, which complements the action that can be performed with the levers on the handlebars.

The study by Formaster (Professional Association of Road Safety Training Companies) shows, on the contrary, that only 9% of those involved in accidents with the same type of motorcycle but with a specific license are involved.

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In addition, the drivers’ club proposes some basic advice for beginners, such as always wearing a helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing -with specific protection for motorcyclists-, practicing attentive, prudent and defensive driving (anticipating the intentions of other users) and looking often in the rear-view mirrors, especially in the city, where more users and unforeseen events surround motorcyclists.

Can I drive a motorbike with a car license?
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