Can I sell my car with a Personalised number plate?

How to make a homemade car license plate

This boom in the second-hand sector has also led to the emergence of new second-hand car buying and selling businesses and new channels that serve as a meeting point between owners and private buyers.

Moreover, depending on the characteristics of your vehicle, it will be easier for you to find a person or entity interested: So where to sell a second-hand car? How to get the most out of it? Here are your options:

Before going to any of them, you should find out about the services offered by each dealership (valuation of your car, processing of the purchase…) and the eventual costs that these may mean for you.

The Internet is no longer the future of the automotive business, but the present. There are more and more online portals where you can sell your car, but what kind of guarantees can these businesses offer you?

Through our complete valuation system, we estimate a fair value for your vehicle and take care of the whole buying process quickly and seriously. In addition, all these services are completely free of charge.

Personalized mini license plate

Thus, these parameters allow you to install a personalized license plate on your car as long as it does not have clever phrases or drawings. Both the shape and the drawing for the background of the plate must be authorized and approved by DGT.

As you know, license plates are mandatory. And not only must it be carried in accordance with the regulations regarding its personalization that we have just mentioned. In addition, not following the regulations regarding the license plate can cost you an economic penalty. As the DGT itself recently reminded in a tweet, irregularities with the license plate can lead to two types of fines:

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As you can see, manipulating a car’s license plate is a serious infraction punishable by an economic fine of 6,000 euros and the loss of six points on your driver’s license. By “tampering” we mean falsifying or bending the license plate to market stolen cars, or to avoid speeding fines when a speed camera catches a vehicle driving faster than allowed.

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Templates for car license plates

In Grand Theft Auto V, as in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are cars with custom license plates, these are the special cars, as normal cars do not have custom license plates.

This license plate can appear on any vehicle that Franklin tows in the Vehicle Depot missions. Apu may be a reference to the Simpsons character of the same name.

This license plate also appears on one of Downtown Cab Co.’s private rides. Like the Emperors’ license plates, it is a reference to a GTA IV character, in this case Luis Lopez, protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

He appears in the Zentorno for export. Its license plate refers to this vehicle appearing in The Great Life Update in which it came out in May 14, 2014 and the GTA Online: Imports/Exports update came out in December 13, 2016.

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It appears in the Sabre Turbo customized for export. Its license plate refers to the phrase “Guns down” and also that due to its style of the vehicle refers to the police action movies and series of the 70s.

Can I sell my car with a Personalised number plate?
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