Can you collect Avios at Shell?

Can you collect Avios at Shell?

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In case you are a constant traveler and want to know what are the benefits or advantages that this card brings for you; then we invite you to continue reading this article, as we will give you all the details that you must take into account to apply for it. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s see!

This program has several versions that will surely catch your attention. First of all, there is the Iberia Classic card, which you can receive just by registering in the program. The second option is the Iberia Silver, which is obtained with 1,100 elite points and 25 trips.

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And finally you will have the highest level which is the Iberia Gold Card, which offers many more services for users who have reached this level. It can be obtained when you have already accumulated 2,250 elite points or 50 journeys, so don’t hesitate to ask for more information about this service!

Now, this is another of the most frequent doubts about the Iberia Card, as this plan attracts more and more customers or people to its program. Stay reading this section to find out what the Iberia Plus Silver card is all about; and all its advantages, benefits or programs. Let’s see!

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On a daily day I have to travel at least a distance of 50 km in total i / v to my job, this means that a month I spend about 90 € in travel, about 83 liters per month. If we extrapolate to the annual consumption would be a total of 900 liters annually, which would mean about 1,800 Avios.

Currently Repsol gives you 1 Avio for every liter of fuel, refueling at least 30 liters. Every purchase you make at their service stations including washes and lubricants accumulates 1 Avio per €. The interesting thing about Repsol is to use the Repsol Waylet App to pay, why?

In addition, if you have an Iberia Icon credit card you can get a discount of 3 cents €/liter of fuel. If you don’t know all the advantages that the Iberia Icon card gives you, I recommend you to read this article and benefit from the welcome promotion of 20.000 Avios that is currently in force.

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There are several options to convert your gas expenses into thousands of Avios, but remember that not only with gas you can earn Avios. There are many options to convert your daily expenses into Avios with Iberia Plus partners as we tell you in this article with all the details of them.


WARNING: This is the typical situation where you are going to read the expression ‘get card X with zero maintenance’ or ‘spend X money the first 3 months’ and half of you are going to close the post. Message for the other half: you will get free flights, in this post there is no catch, it is something that we have done but until now we had not shared ;).

Avios are points that you accumulate in your Iberia account to redeem them for flights mainly, although you can also redeem them for leisure plans, movie tickets, hotels, etc., but so far we have only redeemed them for flights.

Cases in which we have taken advantage of the Avios we had accumulated, either to pay for the flight in full or to pay for only a part of it (all of them also direct flights from Madrid):

Iberia’s website refers to it as the Iberiaplus card. If you have already traveled with Iberia, it is very likely that you have it. If not, you can request it for free from the Iberia website at this link.

Can you collect Avios at Shell?
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