Can you work without SSSC?

Can you work without SSSC?

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First of all, I introduce myself here as a social worker who works for Action for Children, one of the most widespread organizations in the United Kingdom and from where a multitude of problems related to children are covered, such as addictions, autism, disability, adoption, foster care, intervention in problematic families, etc. Throughout this article I will be presenting links that I hope you will find very useful.

Since practicing this profession requires prior institutional registration, the first bureaucratic step to follow would be to register as a social worker with the Health and Professions Care Council. The HCPC is the regulatory body for England and Wales (the SSSC in Scotland) that ensures that the minimum standards of each profession in social and health care are met by all professionals. Of course for those of you who want to work in other regions, you will find their counterparts to register in a similar way. Regarding the registration, obviously you have to register as social workers coming from other countries but always within the European Union. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact them, they have helped me a lot (remember that in England they only answer the first question ;)).

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For this purpose we offer you our means of contact to attend reports derived from the Internet, receive information or request informative talks, with attention to citizens 24 hours a day.

Therefore, the Cyber Police of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City seeks, with prevention strategies, to instill among cybernauts a culture of respect and “Digital Civility”.

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We maintain a 24-hour monitoring and patrolling of social networks and open internet sources. The main objective is to identify publications and/or activities that could constitute a cyber incident.

With preventive talks we seek to provide the necessary knowledge to the population of schools and companies about tools that allow safe navigation on the Internet, through the proper use of ICT, creating a culture of self-care and promoting digital civility.

Through a preventive alert we inform citizens about the different cyber incidents that are committed on the Internet, also called cyber alerts are created from citizen complaints and issues identified during monitoring and patrolling the Internet.

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Super Sativa Seed Club is one of the first seedbanks in the world that in the mid eighties was known by all growers. It all started when ‘Sam the Skunkman’ gave Karel Schelfhout, one of the founders of SSSC and former squatter, the original Haze and Skunk #01 strains after he returned from California. Karel used Sam’s genetics to create some of the very illustrious strains that later became Super Sativa Seed Club.

In the 90’s, Karel and his team focused on genetic preservation and breeding new cannabis strains for Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. At the same time, Karel worked on the development of advanced indoor growing techniques and this made him an authority in the field of elite genetics, breeding and cultivation. It was around this time that Karel’s son Kees, who had been working and growing his own plants in Barcelona, joined him. His products are a big hit in Cannabis Social Clubs, especially his flagship strain, Karel’s Haze. Working with great passion and with the ambition to keep the legend alive, Kees represents a new generation of breeders.

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Policía cibernética veracruzana

El Grupo de Trabajo considera que el Gobierno no negó la alegación de la fuente de que los acusados denunciaron durante el juicio ante el Tribunal Supremo de Seguridad del Estado que habían sido sometidos a malos tratos.

El 4 de diciembre de 2005, el Sr. al-Darrar compareció en su primera audiencia ante el Tribunal Supremo de Seguridad del Estado (Mahkamat Amn Al Dawla Al Ulya), donde fue acusado de infracciones de los artículos 285, 286 y 287 del Código Penal, relativas a delitos de carácter político, principalmente la pertenencia a una organización política no autorizada y la perturbación de la armonía de la nación.

El 4 de diciembre de 2005 el Sr. Al-Darrar compareció en la primera audiencia ante el Tribunal Supremo de Seguridad del Estado (Mahkamat Amn Al Dawla Al Ulya), ante el cual fue acusado de haber infringido los artículos 285, 286 y 287 del Código Penal, relativos a delitos políticos, principalmente pertenencia a una organización política no autorizada y perturbación de la concordia de la nación.

Rastanawi ante la SSSC no cumplió con las normas internacionales de un juicio justo, porque fue detenido sin una orden judicial de arresto u otro documento que justificara su detención; se le negó el acceso a su abogado; no se le notificaron los cargos que se le imputaban; se le privó de toda posibilidad de preparar adecuadamente su defensa, y no pudo recurrir su sentencia.

Can you work without SSSC?
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