Do caravans have their own registration?

Do caravans have their own registration?

With the carnet b which caravan can you take with you?

The vacations are coming and it’s time to travel, and for some people that means taking the caravans or motorhomes out for a ride again. In view of the first ones, the Dirección General de Tráfico has taken the opportunity to remind a series of duties for all those who are going to pull a trailer.

In addition to a caravan, our perfect vacation may include motorcycles, jet skis or even boats. Vehicles that we will have to transport on a trailer and whose towing requires special handling and knowledge of certain regulations.

The first thing to know when towing a caravan or any trailer is to know that there are two types: light and non-light. The former must have a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 750 kg and do not require a specific license plate (the license plate of the towing car is enough), nor a vehicle registration or insurance.

In the case of non-light trailers, they will be those whose MMA is greater than 750 kg (and 4,250 kg as MMA for the whole) and in their case they do have to be registered, with their circulation license and their own insurance, in addition to the fact that we will have to have the B-96 authorization if the whole exceeds 3,500 kg.

Caravan to restore

Traveling by motorhome: tips and regulationsAs a general rule, the function of trailers is to transport a load. Although they do not have an engine, they must be equipped with a series of mechanical elements such as brakes, steering, position lights…  Trailers are divided into two categories, light and non-light; choosing one or the other will depend on the load needs:Don’t miss our guide to buying caravans and trailersTypes of trailersThere are several classifications of trailers. We are going to focus on the one that defines them according to the load they are intended for.How to drive a trailer with a type B licence

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Tipping load trailersThese are trailers that are normally used for gardening, construction companies… although there are also tipping trailers for vehicles. It is an option available for both open and closed trailers; in the first ones, the whole closed trailer tilts, while in the open trailers, it is the ramp itself that acquires the desired inclination; their main feature is that they have a hydraulic system that allows lifting and tilting the loading space to facilitate loading and unloading.  The prices of tilting cargo trailers are set according to their characteristics, especially the material in which they are built and their load capacity. The average is 3,000 euros, but there are trailers for more than 6,000 euros (also for less than 2,000 euros).

The best cars for towing caravans

And is that, while light caravans (less than 750 kg of MMA) insurance is an extension of car insurance and its price can range between 0 and 30 euros, heavy caravans (over 750 kg of MMA) with own registration have an insurance with a price of between 30 and 90 euros if it is third party.

The annual parking for a caravan can be around, for example, 250 euros (20.84 euros/month) on average in the Valencian Community. However, this price will vary depending on the province, as well as whether we prefer covered or uncovered parking.

This test consists of two phases. On the one hand, a series of maneuvers in a closed circuit and the coupling and uncoupling of the vehicle, as well as a circulation test on open roads to evaluate the driver’s dexterity.

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Depending on the place where you live, in the same way that happens with cars, the cost of the ITV of a caravan varies. For example, in Valencia, passing the ITV of a caravan costs around 35 euros.

Caravan driving license

When is it necessary to take out caravan insurance? Only when the caravan is over 750 kg MMA. Those caravans whose MMA exceeds this weight must have their own compulsory insurance and their own registration.

The point is that, if it is not going to be moved for several months, it is best to have the mandatory insurance and also extra coverage to protect the vehicle in case of fire, after suffering breakage in the event of adverse weather conditions, etc.

And indeed there are many people who live continuously in a campsite. There are camping areas of different categories for all tastes and preferences, but, can you stay in a camping permanently and register in it?

For example, in the Community of Madrid it is established that the permanence of a user is limited to 180 days, and that the sale or lease of plots to users in tourist campsites is prohibited. Each community has its own legislation, consult each particular case.

Do caravans have their own registration?
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