Do number plates have to be screwed on?

How to put car license plates

On the RT and on the C-Max I use “plastic” license plates; they are much cooler and theoretically they age better (I say theoretically because they have already changed a plate on the C-Max because the printing was cracking…).

To fix them, I spoke with the supplier of the acrylic license plate and he advised me against using double-sided tape (and there are Wurth tapes with a load capacity a thousand times the weight of the license plate) and recommended me to use a quality mounting glue of the type “No more nails” for non-porous materials.

This supplier emphasized to me that the type of fixation of the license plate is not described in any standard; if it were for anti-tampering security the most complex to remove and put is riveted (nothing that a drill and a riveter do not allow you to replace in 4 minutes), and nevertheless today most of the license plates of both new cars and motorcycles are delivered screwed.

As I am one of those that the license plate does not bring me anything “beautiful” or “ugly” because I think that gives the vehicle regardless of what it carries, I would take it riveted with some little white plugs.


On the other hand, the green background plates with white characters beginning with the letters CC are for the Consular Corps. Meanwhile, when we see a license plate with a yellow background and black characters starting with the letters TA, these are vehicles for Administrative Technicians. If the background is blue, the characters are white and the initials OI appear, the license plate is for an International Organization. License plates for State Forces

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These types of license plates are similar to the standard ones in terms of format, as they have a white background and black characters. Some examples include the following abbreviations: PGC for the Civil Guard Park, the acronym CNP for the National Police Corps, ET for Army vehicles, EA for the Air Force, FN in the case of the Naval Forces, CME for the Mossos d’Esquadra Corps or a Gothic letter E for the Ertzaintza police.License plates for cabs and VTCThese are the most recent ones, as they began to be used during the summer of 2018.    These license plates correspond to cabs and chauffeur-driven transport vehicles (VTC) and their background is blue while the characters are white.

How to remove license plate

One of the most common ways to have a plate of this type incorporated into your vehicle is through the dealer where you buy the car: it is normal that, although it involves an extra cost, manufacturers give these elements as a detail with the person who acquires ownership of the vehicle.

If you consider it more convenient to get a license plate externally, there are specialized websites dedicated to the creation and sale of these license plates, with the best material and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

If the dealer does not have the courtesy to give the license plates as a gift, the truth is that the price difference is abysmal between these centers and the websites where they are sold, being this second alternative the one that is usually more affordable.

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The installation mode of an acrylic license plate must always be screwed in the case of the rear model, which is glued to the trunk, while for the front you can choose to glue it or screw it.

In our traffic agency, we have a firm commitment to offer the best information for drivers to enjoy the driving experience and use the best parts for their vehicles.

Motorcycle license plate

I’m looking for a second hand car for daily jogging. And one of the ones I saw today, had a bad license plate, I told him the typical thing to retouch if he took it, and I told him about the license plate and that I didn’t want the rivets, that I would have to change them for screws. And he told me that it could not be, that the legislation obliges to put rivets. That they always put them that way on new vehicles. I told him that I didn’t know anything about it, and that my A5 is from 2010 and they gave it to me with screws, without me saying anything.

Mine also has screws, but a cousin of mine told me that it is forbidden to carry it like that, and I was like :shocked: but I have left it like that and the civil guard has stopped me many times, they have looked at the license plate and have not said anything, so….

I just asked a friend of mine who is a civil guard of traffic. And he told me that I have never heard anything like that in my life. And he told me something very logical too, if it is mandatory how come they don’t check it at the Itv.

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Man, in pricnpio, as long as neither of the two means of sujeccion have edges or sharp edges should not say anything, but by logic is better rivets and auq e keep in mind that some screws can be removed easily and steal the license plate with the dangers that entails (a vehicle that is on the public road without plates commits an infraction -I do not know if crime or misdemeanor, I don’t know if it is a crime or a misdemeanor, but what I do know is that they take it to the depot and I don’t know up to what point they fine you or you have to pay, but the rivets are more difficult to remove.

Do number plates have to be screwed on?
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