Do secondary teachers get paid more than primary teachers?

Do secondary teachers get paid more than primary teachers?

How much does a secondary school teacher earn?

The salary of a secondary school teacher is one of the elements that help many people decide to prepare for a competitive examination in one of the specialties of secondary education. It is clear that vocation is very important but this does not mean that having a good salary is also a good incentive.

So that you have clear what is the salary of a secondary teacher, what factors affect the salary of a teacher, if there are bonuses or other concepts that increase the monthly salary of a secondary teacher or if you are interested in knowing the salary differences between teachers from different autonomous communities, this is your site.

Below we summarize in a table the different salaries and allowances that make up the salary of secondary education teachers depending on the Autonomous Community in which they have their teaching position.

How much does a primary school teacher earn

For all these reasons, it is difficult to determine an exact figure. In the following article we offer you the data of the gross monthly salary of teachers and professors of all the CCAA so that you can see what the salary difference is.

The salary of teachers and professors is above average, one of the main advantages of preparing for the competitive examinations in education, in addition to the flexible hours, working conditions and professional development.

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Secondary education teachers belong to subgroup A1. If we look at the graph, we can see how the salary varies according to each region. If we take the case of Andalusia as an example, we can see that the gross monthly salary is 2,4000 euros. But where does this total come from? In this case, it is the sum of the basic salary (€1,179), the destination allowance (€20) and the specific community allowance (€600).

How much does a primary school teacher earn in Spain 2020?

You can experience incredible joy in watching your students learn new things and grow as individuals. As a teacher, you equip students with the skills they need to see the world, be creative, be motivated, explore and use their imagination.

You get to interact with students, other teachers and members of your community, all of whom are constantly changing and making you better at dealing with different personalities and being a more confident teacher.

For their part, assistant professors and associate professors have a salary of between 300 to 700 euros per month, depending on the hours of teaching, because they can only access part-time contracts.

How much does a secondary school teacher earn in peru 2020?

UNESCO, the promoter of this day, reflected in a communiqué on the importance of this group during the pandemic. “The pandemic has highlighted the irreplaceable value of the teaching profession in society, but also the difficult working conditions faced by many teachers,” wrote the institution in a statement.

The best paid teachers are found in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, due to the fact that special residence allowances are added for the characteristics of these areas. Without taking this into account, the best paid teachers and professors are those in the Basque Country.

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In Primary Education, the highest gross salaries range from 2,485.14 euros in the Basque Country to 2,231.58 in Navarre, while in Secondary Education they reach 2,876.11 euros in the Basque Country and 2,571.65 in Castile-La Mancha.

At the end of the regional ranking are the teachers of Asturias, whose salary drops to 2,050.61 euros, and those of the Community of Madrid, who receive 2,118.51 euros gross. In Secondary Education, teachers in Asturias receive only 2,328.53 euros and 2,394.75 euros in Madrid.

Do secondary teachers get paid more than primary teachers?
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