Do SIM cards go bad?

Do SIM cards go bad?


A cell phone is a wireless device that allows access to the telephone network. Although its main purpose is to make calls, its functionalities have been rapidly expanding. There is practically nothing that our cell phones can’t do anymore.

Among so many elements, it is natural that there are many different materials: coltan, different types of metals, plastics and glass. That is why, once our mobile is no longer useful, we must take special care of it.

With so many components, you may have deduced that neither the yellow packaging container nor the waste container is suitable for a cell phone. Once our phones break down, we will have to take them to a clean point. Another option is to take them to the store, where they will also take care of the phone.

The sim card is the same as the chip

We tend not to realize the danger that every piece of data we share with others can bring us, and everything is multiplied when we talk about sharing this data over the Internet. Many fraudsters and crooks make a living from this data and use it to steal from us, or to steal from others. Hence the existence of bank phishing, for example, or SIM Swapping when it comes to mobile operators.

In this form of fraud, SIM Swapping, the criminals must first have obtained our personal data or our documentation. Once they have obtained everything, they go to a physical store of our operator and manage to fraudulently obtain our duplicate SIM card. Once they have it in their possession, they can access, for example, the validation SMS sent by the bank to approve certain transactions, being able to steal money from our account. And even make bizums in our name.

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Due to this type of fraud, and to the fact that operators do not verify in a sufficiently reliable way that it is us who are asking for the duplicate and not a fraudster, the AEPD has fined the big operators. Movistar (900,000 euros), Orange (700,000 euros), MásMóvil (200,000 euros) and a large fine of 3,940,000 euros for Vodafone. This is the result of this sanction for allowing SIM Swapping to the big operators.

Why is the SIM card damaged?

SIM not provisioned The “SIM not provisioned” error message displayed on the iPhone is an indication that the phone is not connecting to the Apple server or wireless service provider to activate the SIM card.

Proceed to turn on the phone’s mobile data. Then go to from the device’s browser to fill in some information such as the email address you provided when you purchased the Tigo chip. After confirming your data, click continue.

How to fix the sim card

Hello I have a problem with my sim it tells me that it is invalid sim is supposed to work if the sim and I tried it in 2 different cell phones but still says sim invalid can you repair the sim or will it be necessary to change it for a new one?

with the passage of time the SIM cards deteriorate and spoil, so it will be necessary that you make a duplicate card, in any of the distributors belonging to your local operator.

Our advice is that you consult directly with your local operator so that, once reviewed, they can inform you whether it may be related to the state of the line or the state of the card, as well as how to proceed to solve it.

Do SIM cards go bad?
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