Do Sony tvs come with a 5 year warranty?

Do Sony tvs come with a 5 year warranty?

Sony Warranty

When repairing a product under warranty at no cost to the consumer, the Sony warranty clarifies that the costs related to the transportation of the product for repair and the risks arising therefrom that may be incurred are not covered. Neither the transportation of the user to Sony or members of the RSA nor vice versa.

When requesting a repair within the warranty period, it is essential to present the original invoice or proof of purchase of the product. The date of purchase, the model and the name of the distributor – seller must be duly indicated on it.

In general, Sony’s warranty, like that of all technology manufacturers, exempts from warranty any incident resulting from misuse of the device. Specifically, the following cases are not covered:

The PS4 warranty is provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited (“SIEE”), domiciled in London, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. This subsidiary was founded in 1993 under the name Sony Computer Entertainment for the development of video games.

Warranty sony peru

3. The invoice of purchase of the product (original or substitute), as well as this extended warranty certificate and its invoice of purchase (original or substitute), are of suggested conservation and presentation since they facilitate the exercise of

4.1. Repairs: it operates under the same conditions stipulated in the original warranty contract provided by the manufacturer on the entire product for a period of twelve (12) months, starting from the moment the product is repaired.

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g) Defects caused by failures in transformer or generator units, servers, etc., placed externally to the product, except when they have been directly foreseen by the manufacturer of the product together with

j) Defects caused by or resulting from repairs, repairs, modifications, or disassembly of the installation or any part of the product by a technician not authorized by the manufacturer or the supplier, or from non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this warranty.

k) Any problem or defect not covered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty, including those caused by misuse or abuse or short circuit, lightning, electrical or telephone line deficiencies.


The CUSTOMER shall be entitled to use the content contained herein for a fee, provided that the content is for domestic, i.e., private, non-commercial or for-profit use. These terms and conditions are delivered at the moment in which THE CUSTOMER, after reading them, pays the corresponding consideration.

reads them, pays the corresponding consideration. By paying the consideration, THE CUSTOMER represents that he/she understands and accepts the contents of this contract. 2. Definitions. For the purposes of this contract, the parties agree to the following definitions.

following definitions: FAILURE: Means a deficiency or error in the operation of the APPARATUS, due to normal use. SERVICE SCHEDULE PERIOD: Means the period beginning on the day after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires and ending on the day indicated on the original manufacturer’s warranty.

and ends on the day indicated on the SERVICE PROGRAM purchase ticket. 3. GARANPLUS is obligated to provide the CUSTOMER with paid services for the repair of the APPLIANCE during the SERVICE PROGRAM PERIOD, provided that they are not included in the SERVICE PROGRAM.

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SERVICE PROGRAM PERIOD, provided that they are not included in any of the exceptions provided below. GARANPLUS shall also provide CUSTOMER with paid services for repair of the APPARATUS in the event of FAILURE due to electrical shock, limited to

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Sony’s tactic is to put all possible obstacles to make you give up your rights. The road ahead of me is long but I will go all the way. In a few months I will give you an account of the whole process. Thank goodness the amount of the repair is less than 900 € (payment judgment) and if it ends up in court, no lawyer or solicitor is needed with the consequent saving of money.

I am also from Valencia. Since that trauma this brand is vetoed in my house and that I was addicted to this brand, second tv of the brand sony, walkman, discman, minicadena, MSX2 computer, tape player, headphones, ….

Since then I do not feed these people who laugh at the user who feeds him. The last example of their PS3 and remove the linux support, go people, I’m glad that the psbreak trial was lost.

Well, my SONY LCD panel broke down 25 months after I bought it, the repair in the SAT was more expensive than a new TV, and unfortunately I can not go to claim for only one month. Yes, SONY vetoed at home, and the TV in the trash.

Do Sony tvs come with a 5 year warranty?
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