Do you need a number plate light for motorcycle MOT?

ITV check by license plate

Once the vehicle has been checked, you will have to choose an ITV station. The logical thing is that you select one near your home or that is in the region where you live. As long as it is official, you will be able to pass the ITV of your motorcycle or moped in another autonomous community if you consider it interesting, among other reasons, because its tariff is more economic. But if the result is unfavorable, you will be forced to go to the same station, so the cheap thing can end up being expensive…

If your vehicle passes the inspection without defects or with minor defects, congratulations. In the second case, take note of what you must replace or repair so that your motorcycle or moped circulates correctly. But, as these are minor defects, you will not be forced to have to pass the ITV again. The favorable result will be recorded in a box on the technical data sheet, where the date of the next inspection will also be reflected.

It is a different story if the inspection is unfavorable. If so, you will have to go to the workshop to correct the defects recorded in the ITV and go to the same station within a maximum period of two months or the time determined by the person in charge of the center -if you do not comply with this requirement, it will be communicated to Traffic in order to deregister the vehicle-. Only for justified reasons, and upon request in your autonomous community, you will be able to pass the inspection in a station in another region. Depending on the province, you will have to pay the second ITV.

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Homologate motorcycle modifications

The ITV helps us to minimize the risk of accidents due to technical causes of the vehicle and also to protect the environment, since a part of the process of technical inspection of the vehicle goes into the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

The Ministry of Science and Technology provides us with a document called: “Manual de Procedimiento de Inspección de las Estaciones de ITV”, in which we can consult the different tests and elements that will be checked in our vehicle.

It is important to be wary of any kind of rumor that may indicate that one or another station is more permissive or easier, since all the stations are governed by the aforementioned manual, even internal audits are carried out in the ITV stations to control and verify that the correct criteria are being applied effectively in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles.

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles is regulated in the Official State Gazette (BOE) by Royal Decree 920/2017 of October 23, in which we can find both the mandatory nature and the frequency of the inspection for the different types of vehicles.

Motorcycle Itv every how long

If you want more information about how to homologate certain parts of your motorcycle do not hesitate to contact us. We offer advice without obligation to help you to pass the ITV without problems. If you want to leave us a message or just say hello you can do it from our contact form.

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Request itv appointment online

Is it time to take your motorcycle or moped to pass the ITV? Do you want to have your motorcycle in the best condition to avoid an accident? All vehicles are required to pass the ITV, and motorcycles are no exception. Depending on whether it is a motorcycle or a moped, the deadlines in which you must pass the ITV of your motorcycle are different. However, if your motorcycle needs an urgent repair before this procedure, and it is an unforeseen expense, one of the best options are fast online loans.

Actually, the requirements to pass the ITV for motorcycles or mopeds are not very different from those required to pass it with any other vehicle. As always, the first thing you will have to do is to make an appointment in advance. Check the date on which the ITV expires, and make an appointment in advance. And the day you have to pass the inspection, do not forget the papers at home.

If after passing the ITV the result is favorable but the motorcycle or moped has some minor defects, you will be obliged to solve these defects, although you will not have to pass the technical inspection again. On the other hand, if the motorcycle or moped has serious faults, the result of the ITV will be unfavorable or negative. In both cases, you will have a period of two months to fix the defects and pass the ITV again. That is why it is important that you know what the ITV of a motorcycle and moped consists of.

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Do you need a number plate light for motorcycle MOT?
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