How can I change my SIM registration name?

How can I change my SIM registration name?

Register movistar sim in my name

The activation and registration of the Tigo Sim card is a mandatory procedure for users who purchase the Tigo Sim Card and want to enjoy mobile services. We show you how to activate and register a Tigo Colombia Sim Card.

To access the Tigo data network it is necessary to configure APN Tigo in your phone with the new Tigo Sim Card or users who ported to Tigo. Contact any of the Tigo customer service channels for more information.

Tigo hogar together with Edatel Tigo UNE present Tigo home internet, Tigo TV and fixed telephony plans that are managed from Mi Tigo and give access to additional services such as Tigo Play and Amazon Prime Tigo.

If you have problems with your Tigo plan or have technical failures, ask for help to Tigo technical support or file a Tigo complaint or claim. If the problem persists, remember that you can cancel your Tigo plan at any time.

Blocking a Tigo Sim or reporting a Tigo Sim is an irreversible procedure that deletes and makes the Tigo Sim Card inactive. So it is necessary to be sure before performing a process on how to block a Tigo Sim Card.

How to register my movistar chip in my name in colombia

The registration of the Claro Sim Card is the first step for the Claro chip to be active and for users to be able to access services. Find out where to buy a Claro Sim Card, how to activate it, what to do in case of Sim blocking and more.

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With the Claro Sim Card, customers have access to all Claro Colombia operator’s services either in postpaid or prepaid mode. They will also be able to enjoy Claro’s wide coverage of Claro mobile 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the national territory.

If you have purchased Claro postpaid services, you must register the Sim Claro postpaid Sim Card to start enjoying the services you have contracted and the benefits you have for being Claro postpaid.

The Sim Card Claro PUK code can be found on the back of the card where the Sim Claro comes from. If you can’t find the Claro Sim card, choose one of these channels to help you get the Claro PUK code:

For this, the user must change SIM Card Claro for one compatible with 4G LTE by approaching a service and sales center Claro and thus connect to this network. The new Claro 4G Sim Card can also be used in 3G and 2G networks.

How to register my chip in my name

You can dial *800 from your Kalley Mobile, from a landline nationwide to 018000415268 or through USSD dialing in your Kalley Mobile *733#.  You can also buy directly or self-manage your balance in packages from the website and/or the Kalley Mobile App.

You can dial from your Kalley Mobile to *104# and consult it immediately by message. You can also call from your Kalley Mobile to *800 to communicate with an advisor or from a national landline and free of charge to 018000415268.

You must take into account that the result of the process will be effective in 1 working day and can be accepted or rejected. To make the portability you must be up to date with the obligations of your previous operator and have an active Sim Card.

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You must immediately contact our Call Center by dialing *800 from any Kalley Móvil or calling from a landline to the toll free line 018000415268, there one of our advisors will assist you and inform you about the actions to follow.

Sim Registration

You can buy your card through this page, you only have to choose if you want it to be prepaid or contract and configure the plan that best suits your needs and within 3 to 5 business days you will have it at the address you indicate.

Do not worry if your SIM card has deteriorated or you have lost it, you must go to an authorized center for the replacement of this, the cost of the duplicate will be 5€ VAT included, we can also send it to you if you contact us at 2376, the cost of the duplicate will be 7€ VAT included.

Our contract and prepaid 4G mobile lines have national coverage with Yoigo’s own network (MASMOVIL Group) and we also have agreements with other operators. 3G prepaid mobile lines have national coverage with Orange.

If you are a 4G customer when you insert the SIM card in your mobile you just have to access your phone settings and in mobile networks in APN the word Internet. Of course do not forget to activate the mobile data of the terminal so you can surf. Check out these help videos that explain how to do it:

How can I change my SIM registration name?
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