How can I check my Samsung TV Warranty UK?

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I bought a television Samsung UE65NU8005 in Mediamarkt in January 2019…. Two months after buying it broke HDMI 4 I was repaired by changing the plate …two weeks later it broke again this time I think I remember that the HDMI 1 I was repaired again by changing the plate …8 months later it broke again this time I could not find any TV channel I was repaired again by changing the motherboard.

This last repair was in January 2020, the repairs have always been done by the same technician in my own home and this time he told me that if it broke again they would automatically give me a new television model equal or superior to the one I have.

My question is: After 3 repairs (This would be the fourth) I have the right as a consumer to not repair it more times and give me a new model equal or superior to the one I have? Has this happened to anyone else? The issue is that the TV has 7 months left of warranty and it is failing me since the second month of purchase … Each plate that has been changed is worth 275 euros and I’ve already been 3!

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The warranty covers the defects of the good, even if they are visible or evident, as long as they have not been previously clarified by the seller, or when they affect the correct functioning of the thing (for example, if a TV has a scratch and the consumer was put on notice by the seller, then the warranty will not cover it; but if when selling the TV, it is reported to have been hit and then the TV does not work, the warranty should cover it even if it has been sold for a lower price).

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Sometimes attempts are made to breach the warranty period, claiming that the time the product was under repair is not taken into account, or that the term has elapsed, or that a certain part is not available. This situation is also not in accordance with the law.

The removal of the item to the place of repair must be at the expense of the seller, manufacturer, etc. This is rarely done, and is in many cases a very serious and difficult problem to solve (e.g. a non-working car, heavy objects, etc.).

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The purpose of this Platform is to enable the consumer and the Company to find a solution to the dispute. The consumer (hereinafter the “User”) formulates his/her complaint through the online Platform (hereinafter the “Complaint”) and the Company responds also through the Platform, upon receipt of an email in which information regarding the User and the Complaint is sent to the Company so that it can respond to the Complaint.

In order to use the Platform, the User must log in with their membership account (hereinafter “Subscriber Member”) or supporter account. If you are not a Subscriber Member, you must register as a Supporter in order to use the Platform. Only after registration, the User will be able to log in and access the Platform. Since the Platform aims to create a dialogue around the consumer society, the User must register with his/her real data. Failure to do so will result in the Company being unable to identify the User and therefore unable to offer a solution.

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In the same way a QR code is inserted in the same that gives direct access to more information about the product in the European database EPREL (European Register of Energy Labeling). There, you can easily find and compare energy labeled products.

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How can I check my Samsung TV Warranty UK?
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