How do I activate Samsung warranty?

Warranty of a samsung cell phone

Which phone has the best camera, which has the brightest screen, who has the best portrait mode…. We constantly make comparisons of smartphones, but we do not talk so much about other aspects related to our phones, for example what happens if we break or damage it. All brands offer an after-sales service that, hopefully, we will never have to visit. However, if a problem arises our mobile will have to go through “surgery” and here the quality of service is key to a happy ending.

Before starting, we established that the procedure in all cases would be to send the mobile for repair. There are brands that offer the option of taking it to a nearby technical service, but as this possibility is not always available (there are cities that do not have one, the user lives far away…) we decided to do it this way, which is always available. We also decided that, whenever possible, the contact would be made by phone and not chat or other methods.


Samsung guarantee argentina

Equipment loan: not available. In exceptional cases (Postpaid or Corporate Customers), the Equipment loaned must be returned in the same physical and operating conditions in which they were delivered. In case of breakdowns, the Customer will be charged the full cost of the corresponding repair; and, in case of loss, theft, irreparable condition or not timely return (48 hours after being informed of the diagnosis), the full replacement cost. In both cases, the charges will be made in the immediate following billing.

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Warranty tv samsung argentina

For your peace of mind, we offer a warranty on all our products.if you need to make a warranty claim, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.below you will find a summary of what the warranty covers, links to register your products and your current registered products.

In the case of purchase, the date indicated on the receipt or invoice will be considered. In any case, to make the warranty effective, the customer must present, at the time of requesting the repair of your product, the respective documentation proving the purchase.

In accordance with paragraph a) of Article 39 of Law No. 453, on the duty of users to observe and assume the warnings and instructions regarding the proper use or conservation of the product, and by way of example, the use of the right to repair will not proceed in the following cases:

– If applicable, the use of products, equipment, systems, spare parts, accessories, applications, external connections, installations or connectors not supplied or recommended in the user manual.

Warranty tv samsung peru

As the warranty of mobile devices in particular is often somewhat confusing, today we want to detail what incidents will not be covered by the warranty of your smartphone and what kind of manipulations can void your warranty.

As mentioned above, the warranty must cover, by law, all those defects or malfunctions that come from the factory. It is also valid for all those devices that, when used correctly, do not behave properly.

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This could be one of the most common incidences in smartphones, especially in those that are used without a case and without a screen protector. Our recommendation is that if you break the screen of your mobile go to an Official Technical Service. If you are one of those who compare prices online, you can see that the prices between an official service center and another technical service are very different. This gap is mostly due to the quality of the spare parts used. While in an official service center, your phone will be repaired with original spare parts, in an unofficial service center you expose your phone to repair with poorer quality spare parts.

How do I activate Samsung warranty?
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