How do I become an early years teacher in Scotland?

How do I become an early years teacher in Scotland?

Becoming a teacher in London

These QTS-certified programs present certain additional difficulties in terms of access, compared to the other routes to becoming a teacher, and it is advisable for the candidate to be aware of all the options to determine which of the three routes would be more suitable for his or her specific case. These difficulties would be twofold:

To work as a teacher, it is not necessary to study a degree directly related to the world of education, but it is possible to study any degree focused on the student’s main interest, and then complement such training with a postgraduate degree in education, as we commented in the previous case of education degrees without QTS. This option is very interesting, since it provides the student with greater professional versatility for the future, being able to work as a specialist in that discipline, as a professional, or to work in the teaching field.

Teachers in England

But if there is something that really differentiates British school education from that of other European countries, it is that education in UK schools is focused on the practical side.

If you are an Early Childhood teacher and you would like to live a professional experience in the UK, do not miss this opportunity. The European Mobility Portal (EURES) has published a new job offer from the Scottish government in which they are looking for 12 Early Childhood Education teachers to work in schools in the city of Glasgow.

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In this case, previous experience in school teaching is a valuable requirement but it is not mandatory for candidates who apply for this selection process. What is required, however, is a minimum level of English B2 in order to be able to fill one of these vacancies.

Therefore, it is necessary that all teachers to be recruited possess excellent communication skills and share a declared passion for learning as well as for continuous professional development in teaching.

Requirements to become a teacher in England

Now I come to the main part of today’s topic. As you have probably noticed, almost all the blog has made me an “expert” on being a teacher in the UK, so here is a long and detailed article so that you do not miss any detail.

The GTCs (General Teaching Council for Scotland) is the Scottish entity that accredits you as a teacher to be able to work in schools in Scotland. Without GTCs you cannot be employed as a teacher in any school (Primary and/or Secondary) in Scotland.

If you wish to include additional professional recognition as a fully qualified teacher in another EU member state / EAA, you can complete and upload this information elsewhere on the form.

Unlike QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in England, in order to work as a teacher in Scotland, you will need to complete an induction period. Once you have applied it is possible that GTCS may decide that you do not need to demonstrate teaching experience or that they may reduce the time for the induction period provided that you can provide references of previous teaching experience in your field.

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Qts in English

Are you looking for opportunities to work as a teacher in a different country? Have you ever thought of working as a teacher in England to increase your experience? Then it is best that you first learn about the requirements to become a teacher in the UK.

If you plan to work in a primary, secondary or special education school, you will need to apply for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This is a professional qualification for teachers and allows you to work in all sectors in the UK. It is also crucial to obtain a QTS if you wish to qualify for the teacher pay scale and certain advancement and leadership opportunities within the UK school systems.

If you are working in a private or independent school, you will not necessarily need a QTS. However, having a QTS can help you secure a job and will mean you will be on the qualified teacher pay scale. Once you are on the qualified teacher pay scale, you will become a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, which provides a generous pension for retirees.

How do I become an early years teacher in Scotland?
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