How do I change my registration plate in South Africa?

How do I change my registration plate in South Africa?

Switching to German license plates

This article presents four case studies from South Africa. All the interventions studied aim at improving human development and alleviating poverty. They are also considered as examples of positive practice based on the award they received from the Impumelelo Foundation. The organizations and the training offered are based on lessons learned from practice and build on them, and different indicators of efficiency can be identified. Corresponding recommendations are made for educational interventions around poverty alleviation.

Findings and recommendations This section summarizes the results of the case studies and identifies positive practices and efficiency indicators. Information from all case studies has been triangulated. Efficiency indicators have been identified in terms of location (accessibility for poor people), approach, training offered, definition of poor people as target group, strategies and response to poverty problems, financial sustainability of the organization, human and institutional capacity, conceptual ownership, monitoring and evaluation, results and impact.

Spanish Embassy in Pretoria

Are you interested in studying in one of the African countries like South Africa? Do you know that there are some cheaper universities in South Africa that you can actually study? These low tuition universities in South Africa offer quality education.

South Africa, with a population of 50.58 million people, has a rich mix of culture, languages and religious beliefs. The country is a pleasant place to be and has people from various nations, races and religions. The majority of the people living there are Africans who make up 75.5 of the population. The following universities are considered to be the best for international students both for their low tuition costs and quality of education.

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If you want to experience life in one of the most diverse and complex countries in the world, you can choose to study in South Africa. The country excels in many areas, offering some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes and wildlife, diverse and dynamic cities and towns, and a strong selection of leading universities with an international perspective.

Spanish Embassy in South Africa

If you are moving to another EU country with your car, you should know that vehicle registration is subject to specific rules depending on whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, the duration of your stay and the country you are moving to.

There are no common EU rules on vehicle registration and vehicle-related taxes. Some countries have tax exemption rules for vehicle registration in case of a permanent move from one country to another.

If you move temporarily to another EU country and do not change your usual residence, you will not have to register your car in that other country and pay registration taxes there. You will be able to keep the car registered in your country of usual residence.

If you work in one place but your personal ties are in another EU country, your usual residence is usually considered to be in the EU country with which you have personal ties, as long as you return to that country regularly.


Lesotho,[1] officially called the Kingdom of Lesotho (in Sesotho, Muso oa Lesotho),[4] is a country in southern Africa, geographically and politically located within South Africa. Lesotho has an area of just over 30,000 km² and a population of 2.2 million inhabitants. Its capital and largest city is Maseru. Lesotho was colonized by the United Kingdom, becoming the protectorate of Basutoland in 1868 and declared its independence on October 4, 1966. It is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union and the Southern African Development Community. Its official languages are Sesotho and English. The country’s vernacular name, Lesotho, can be translated as “the country of those who speak Sesotho.”[5][6][7] Lesotho is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, and the Southern African Development Community.

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Emerging after the historic nation of the Basotho, Lesotho gained independence from the United Kingdom on October 4, 1966. In January 1970, Leabua Jonathan of the Basotho National Party (BNP) assumed power, dissolved the National Congress and exiled King Moshoeshoe II. In 1974, under Leabua, the Basotho Congress Party (BCP) won the elections. Leabua annulled them, refused to cede power to the BCP and locked up its leader.

How do I change my registration plate in South Africa?
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