How do I dim my license plate lights?

How do I dim my license plate lights?

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In this way, the State intends to regulate these vehicles by making them more identifiable for the user and at the same time reduce losses in the sector due to unfair competition from unlicensed vehicles.

The new license plates with a reflective blue background and white characters will only be installed on the rear plate of the vehicle. The front part will remain the same white background and black characters that we are already familiar with.

Blue license plates are not new in the European Union. The increase of Uber and Cabify services among others, have also led to the claims of traditional cab drivers to spread beyond our borders. Countries such as Belgium, Greece or the Netherlands have differentiated license plates for these transport vehicles.

But this is only one of the measures proposed in the new General Vehicle Regulations. It includes many other issues such as the illumination of vehicles immobilized on the road, the inclusion of car sharing, etc.

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The lights are one of the elements of our vehicle to which the inspectors of the ITV pay more attention, since it is very important for the security at the wheel.    It is very important that at the time of driving (more if it is at night), you can see and that the others who are circulating on the road can see you.  For this reason, if any of the mandatory lights do not work, it is difficult for you to pass the ITV.

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The compulsory lights to pass the ITV for motorcycles (with or without sidecar) are the dipped and main beam lights, brake lights, rear license plate lights, front and rear position lights, rear non-triangular reflector and finally the indicator lights.

On the other hand, the mandatory lights for mopeds are different. These must be equipped with low beam, brake light, rear position light and non-triangular rear and side reflectors.

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The external lights of the vehicle are an obligatory and fundamental safety element for the safety of the car. In addition to illuminating the road ahead, the lights also warn other drivers of the car’s presence.

Keeping the headlights in perfect condition is an obligation for all drivers, since not only their safety is at stake, but also that of other road users. However, it is often not easy to realize that something is wrong.

It is difficult to realize that your car’s headlights are faulty. If it is a low beam or high beam, you may notice that it is not illuminating the road at night, but if it is a position light or a turn signal, you will not notice the problem unless you look specifically.

Therefore, the first step is to check the condition of the lights. This should be done with some frequency and it is easier if it is done by two people: one who activates the lights and another who checks from the outside that everything is working properly.

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Daytime running light increases safety in traffic. This is why it is already factory fitted on many new vehicles. On this page you will discover the advantages of daytime running light compared to low beam. In addition, you will also find recommendations for selecting the most suitable and legally compliant retrofitting kit as well as instructions for professional installation. Using the coding of certain lighting functions as an example, you will learn about the possibilities for customization offered by modern vehicle electrical systems.

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As a rule, a daytime running light driver must have a road traffic license. If the pilot has passed the tests for type approval, the permit is issued. The permit symbol is usually indicated on the spreader or on the housing.

Modern vehicles offer very few connection possibilities under the hood, e.g. if fuses of other consumers are to be connected to the positive pole. In such cases it is necessary to lay a cable in the vehicle interior. A suitable connection option is usually found in the fuse box. In many Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW vehicles it is possible to connect the daytime running lights via the lighting switch.

How do I dim my license plate lights?
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