How do I enable all services?

How to activate google play services in android

The easiest way to enable or disable services for certain users is through organizational units. If, for example, you want only your marketing team to be able to use YouTube, create one organizational unit for marketing and one for everyone else, and leave YouTube enabled only in the marketing one.

If you already have organizational units with which you control other user settings, you may prefer to control access to services via groups. This way, you can control access for specific users without changing your organizational structure.

Service Activation

Corporate IT departments face numerous challenges when it comes to creating a service catalog that generates value for the organization.  IDG Research experts identify several challenges here: the complexity of the catalog itself and the difficulties of bringing it closer to the end user; the lack of user capabilities to use the services and the lack of appropriate metrics.

In this webinar, which will be broadcasted on November 28th from 11AM, spokespersons from Devoteam and Servicenow will expose their value proposition with the expert vision of IDG Research analysts.

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Activate google play

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Additional services offered by outlook

There are certain applications that need to know the location information of your device before they can provide their service. Therefore, when these applications first run, they seek your approval to track your device’s location details. After granting permission, if you don’t want to share your device’s location with any app in the future, you can disable location services in Windows 10 at any time. Follow a similar guide in [How to] Change app permissions in Windows 10 . Thus, Windows 10 includes specific location settings to manage location services for account, apps and device respectively.

Step 2 – If you can’t see the buttons in the Action Center, click Expand to see them all. Now, locate the Location button and click on it to enable or disable it. If the Location button is highlighted, then the service is enabled and if it is not highlighted, the feature is disabled.

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How do I enable all services?
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