How do I get a retention certificate?

Withholding tax certificate 2020

Without leaving their home or place of work, individuals and legal entities as well as those who have paid a vehicle transfer in the SIM will be able to easily download their discount and withholding certificate, through the website

The District Treasury Department has enabled this option due to the number of requests for this document, which is one of the documents required these days to file the Income and Complementary Tax Return before the Dian.

To download the certificate go to . Click on: Enter the current version (in the middle of the screen), and then click on: Obtain your discount and withholding certificate here.

Answer the system validation questions. Then set the parameters to generate the certificate: start and end date, the items of discounts and withholdings and the type of report required (detailed or consolidated).Finally click on: Generate PDF and save the file on your computer or print it.

Tax certificate

Companies are obliged to give it to their employees so that they can see everything that has been withheld during the time they have been rendering their services. This has to be the original and signed, otherwise it could be invalid.

It will allow us to verify that the result of our income tax return coincides with the information of these certificates, since once the Treasury takes out the draft we will be able to verify that these data correspond with the reality.

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Sepe withholding certificate

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Withholding at source certificate banco de bogotá

These withholdings will be made at the percentage rate provided by the regulations; for professionals it will be 15% (or 7% in certain cases) and for employees it will be the percentage resulting from applying the withholding tables that depend on the amounts they receive and their personal and family situation.

When the company, the businessman or the professional practice these retentions to their workers or to third parties they are, as it is logical, obliged to deposit the retained money in the Tax Agency, which is done, normally, in a quarterly way using the Model 111, in this model it is not included detail of each retained person and of their retentions but the total amounts retained to workers, professionals and others.

At the end of the annual exercise, coinciding with the presentation and payment of the Model 111 corresponding to the fourth quarter, the withholder presents an annual informative model, the Model 190, in which we give all the detail, one by one, of the workers or suppliers to whom we have withheld with information on the amounts that we have paid them (that are the taxable base) and the withholdings practiced (in the case of withholdings to rents it would be the Model 180).

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How do I get a retention certificate?
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