How do I know if I am employed?

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Labor and Employment PromotionWe promote decent and productive employment, as well as compliance with labor and fundamental rights of the population, strengthening social dialogue and employability and protection of vulnerable groups, always from a vision focused on citizenship.

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Request for benefits

Greetings my consultation is: my contract ended on December 31, 2014 and I did not want to renew my contract because I was looking for a job with a better salary and the previous company that I worked for does not want to pay me my time of service.

We are a group of teachers from the Peruvian American School Carapongo Huachipa, I asked for a copy of my contract and they refused to give it to me, they said that they would take it to the Ministry of Labor to have it signed.

Good evening, gentlemen. I am working in a company (MITSUI AUTOMOTRIZ S.A) (TOYOTA DEL PERU) from 01/05/2008 until 07/12/2012, which is my last day of work, I HAVE JUST QUIT FOR ECONOMIC REASONS, MY QUESTION IS HOW MUCH I WOULD BE PAID WITH THE TIME I HAVE WORKING IN THE COMPANY.

first of all greetings to the workers who work in the ministry my question is my contract expires on August 31, 2011 can i know before my liquidation how much corresponds to me or do i have to wait for the contract to expire?

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Ministry of Labor online

You have just arrived in the country with your Working Holiday Germany visa, you have already done all the important formalities: you have your accommodation, your Anmeldung registered and your bank account ready. Is everything ready? No, the most important thing is missing: getting a job! In this article we will give you all the information you will need to work in Germany.

The work culture in Germany is quite strict, punctuality is expected and being late is not tolerated, so you know, the 15 minutes of tolerance (to which we Latinos are used to) does not work here.

They are usually very bureaucratic, that is to say, it is not enough with a CV and a letter of introduction, it is very probable that they ask for other documents such as the Anmeldung, bank account and other documents that we detailed in the first steps for newcomers.

Job offers are advertised in the classified section of newspapers (usually on Wednesdays and in the weekend editions), monthly magazines (local magazines) and specialized job magazines and newspapers.


It is an economic incentive that seeks to encourage workers to be formally employed, through a subsidy for the new employment relationship that is created. This benefit is provided directly to the worker, as long as his/her gross monthly taxable remuneration (RMB) does not exceed 3 Minimum Monthly Income (currently $1,050,000).

This extension consists of guaranteeing 3 months of Labor IFE payment for beneficiaries who apply for the subsidy in November and/or December 2021, as long as the worker remains employed. Additionally, the benefit application windows will be extended until March 2022, the month in which the subsidy ends.

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For this benefit, it is understood that the person is “unemployed” if he/she was not working, with an employment contract, in the month prior to the contract start date of the Labor IFE application.

The IFE Laboral will be paid by electronic transfer to the personal bank account registered by the beneficiary at the time of application. It is important to consider that the bank account must be associated to the applicant’s RUT. Otherwise, the payment cannot be made.

How do I know if I am employed?
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