How do I know if my phone is still under warranty?

How do I know if my phone is still under warranty?

What warranty does a cell phone have

If you’ve made it this far, chances are the worst has happened: your cell phone doesn’t work and you don’t know if you have a warranty or exactly what it covers, so you don’t know if you have to get in touch to get it repaired or get your money back.

Fortunately, the regulatory framework for warranties is established and fixed across Europe, so there is virtually no room for confusion. If you do not know what rights you have after buying a cell phone, we are going to give you a hand by explaining what the warranty consists of.

This warranty is a regulatory framework within which absolutely all EU vendors must comply. If any of them wants to go further and give more rights to their customers, they are completely free to do so. What is clear is that none of them can give less rights.

Now let’s get to the tricky part: if your mobile doesn’t work, do you have the right to get your money back or have it repaired? The answer is a resounding it depends, since practically no two cases are alike and everything must be inspected with a magnifying glass.

Cell phone under warranty

When buying a new cell phone it is important to make sure you know if it comes with a warranty and what kind of accidents it covers. In general, warranties cover all types of problems that may occur in mobile terminals and are not responsible for minor problems such as bumps or screen breakage.

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But are all warranties the same? They should be! However, most people do not know their rights when buying a cell phone and do not use the warranty in the right way, that is, in their favor!

The first thing you should know about the cell phone warranty is what kind of accidents or failures it covers. The factory warranty is the one that makes the manufacturer responsible for any type of failure that arises in the terminal and that has not been caused by misuse of the mobile.

For example, companies like Amazon allow you to return the device during the first month of purchase in case it is not to your liking or is not what you expected. But this opportunity is Amazon’s decision, it is not an obligation of the European trade laws.

How much is the warranty of a cell phone in Colombia?

In these cases of aquatic accidents there are as many tips to avoid them as to mitigate them once they happen, but not all of them work. Among the latter. Let’s see what methods work and what methods do not work when it comes to saving a mobile from immersion so that it remains operational in the shortest possible time. For trying methods that don’t work can end up with a nice paperweight, and with us on our way to a store to buy a replacement.

In this case, the technical service will send us the notification that the warranty is voided, and possibly a repair estimate with which we will not agree very much. Or maybe we will. Be that as it may, the ideal is to first try all the solutions that are within our reach to “revive” the phone or avoid its demise. We already know where the path of sending it for repair leads.

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By the way, in case everything fails, there is nothing like having taken out insurance to cover these mishaps. There are options for almost every taste, but given the importance of a cell phone nowadays, a device that is much more than just a device for making calls, what better than to have it protected. And we don’t mean putting it in a case.

How much warranty does a cell phone have

When the time comes to buy a new cell phone, you always have to take many aspects into account. Nowadays, you should also consider whether you want to buy a new smartphone, or if you prefer a second-hand one. For this you also have to follow some guidelines, which will be helpful in the buying process.Unfortunately, buying a mobile is not always a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, buying a mobile phone is not always a pleasant experience, since it is possible that you end up being ripped off. For example, that instead of a brand new Android smartphone, you are sold one that is actually refurbished or even a stolen phone. Although there are ways in which to be able to detect this. Thus avoiding falling into traps.

Also, a much simpler method is to use a code on the Android phone itself. Just open the phone app and enter this code *#06# in it. Then the IMEI of the device will be displayed. If the IMEI on the box does not match the one shown on the screen, you can deduce that something is wrong. This is common for thieves to change the IMEI of the device. Because if a person’s phone is stolen, one step that must always be followed is to lock the device. One way to block the cell phone is by blocking the IMEI in question. But if the thieves change the same, then they can later re-sell the said smartphone.Performance test.

How do I know if my phone is still under warranty?
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