How do I make my imaginary friend real?

How to have an imaginary friend in adolescence

Within the normality that can involve creating an imaginary friend, there are certain aspects that you must control to make sure there is not a problem in the background. Here are 2 tips:

To sum up, there is one idea that must be clear to us: we can be calm as long as creating that imaginary friend does not limit the daily life or interfere negatively in the decisions of our children. And in your case, do you have children who have or have had imaginary friends? How have you acted in that case? We would like to know your opinion so that other parents who are in the same situation as you have answers from people who have gone through the same situation.

Bad imaginary friends

It has also been found that many people with Down syndrome rely on soliloquy as a means of venting, sadness, frustration and isolation. That is, they often think aloud in order to process events of daily life.

When we are consulted on this topic, we should evaluate several aspects: the content of the conversation, the frequency, the tone and the context. This will give us a guideline of what their inner life is like, since defining whether it is normal or pathological is not easy and cannot be generalized.

How to call an imaginary friend

For decades there has been a legend that brings into this world for a whole day our imaginary friend, very few people talk about it and if they do comment they tremble their pulse and stutter remembering that horrible experience as they relate it. I was a boy curious enough to try it and brave enough for my desires…..

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That’s where the game will end. No one knows what happens when you don’t find the object, because those who tried and failed never wanted to share or remember the experience, they simply avoid the subject at length.

Imaginary friend at age 13

In a general sense, we can summarize that, while for psychoanalysis and cognitivism imaginary friends are an expression of immaturity or symptoms of an incipient neurosis, the new generation of psychologists reinforces the benefits of this phenomenon: the ability to experience empathy, alternate points of view, try new sequences of dialogues, change situations, revise interpretations, speculate, put oneself in the other’s perspective… However, any generalization in this area can lead us astray, each person is a world in itself, so the appearance of an imaginary friend may also have dissimilar causes and consequences.

It seems to me that imaginary friends are part of the infantile fantasies and also of the adolescents, resources that they use to canalize in some measure the affective lack and the need of socialization, but also it is fruit of the imagination, it should not be seen like something negative, to determine if it is or not a disorder of the personality should be observed other indicators, systematicity, content, among others.

How do I make my imaginary friend real?
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