How do I personalize my number plate?

How do I personalize my number plate?

Templates for car license plates

The reason for not including vowels was none other than the desire to avoid that these could form names or words that could be funny or known, for example, it could be the case that ‘Ana’ or ‘anus’ could be seen on the license plate of a car, and any of these could result in a distraction at the wheel.

You have to go to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom or Abu Dhabi to see personalized license plates to remember. In the case of the United States, depending on the state, the cost is around 200 euros. But if you want to personalize it, the cost skyrockets.

There are some well-known cases of people who have come to pay real fortunes for a different plate or known names, an element a priori unimportant for many, but for those who have great fortunes, is the demonstration of their great power.

You will not be able to personalize your license plate, but you will be able to choose whether to pay less for it or waste as little time as possible. How? By choosing the place where you are going to create it. If we decide to carry out the process at the same dealership, we must know that the management will involve a higher cost.

License plate generator

United States Temporary License PlateWhen a person buys a vehicle from a dealer, the dealer is obliged to issue a temporary license plate so that the buyer can get it to the government agency in charge of the registration process. Due to their massive use in the state of California, their use has been radically limited, as many vehicle owners were not using them in a regulatory manner. (See news)

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If you have a US license plate that you want to know which car or motorcycle it belonged to, then you can check it for free online and automatically thanks to the autocheck or Vehiclehistory page. If the link does not work, please let us know at our email address below.

Creating car license plates

Thus, these parameters allow you to install a personalized license plate on your car as long as it does not have any clever phrases or drawings. Both the shape and the drawing for the background of the plate must be authorized and approved by DGT.

As you know, license plates are mandatory. And not only must it be carried in accordance with the regulations regarding its personalization that we have just mentioned. In addition, not following the regulations regarding the license plate can cost you an economic penalty. As the DGT itself recently reminded in a tweet, irregularities with the license plate can lead to two types of fines:

As you can see, manipulating a car’s license plate is a serious infraction punishable by an economic fine of 6,000 euros and the loss of six points on your driver’s license. By “tampering” we mean falsifying or bending the license plate to market stolen cars, or to avoid speeding fines when a speed camera catches a vehicle driving faster than allowed.

Legal personalized license plates

Surely more than once you have seen both in real life or even by a photo on the internet, vehicles with personalized license plates. Personalizing your license plate is a concept known around the world.

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Many countries like the United States, United Kingdom and even Abu Dhabi, allow you to change the color of your license plate, the material from plastic to a carbon fiber license plate or you can even see license plates with your personal name on them.

Many of us like the fact that we have our own vehicle for the simple fact that we can detail and personalize it the way we like it. Many of us tint the window Mondays, change the rims, put on an exhaust system and much more.

Personalizing the license plate of the car may seem like something entertaining and of any taste, but we must know that manipulating the license plates of our vehicles is a serious infraction where you can be fined up to 6000 euros.

How do I personalize my number plate?
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