How do I register as a registered valuer?

How do I register as a registered valuer?

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What is a nota simple del registro de la propiedad, who can request it, how much it costs to request it and where you can request it. Today on the blog we will tell you in detail all the information you need to know about this document. Get informed!

In many occasions the documentary solution is to make a management in the Registry of the Property and to request a simple note of the housing. This simple note contains all the official information and fedataria of the characteristics of the property. In the case that the property exceeds the decades, the simple note is not enough. It is necessary to ask for a literal certificate.

The money to pay for the Nota Simple is not usually high, but the time invested in obtaining it is, so keep this in mind when pricing your services. In the monitoring that I do of these jobs, you can count by hours the time invested in the resolution of the requirements. Thus, the single action of obtaining a Nota Simple at the Land Registry could take two or three hours in a standard case, without counting the response time of the Land Registry, which has an exclusive impact on the waiting time of your client.

Rules for appraisers

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property, you may have wondered how to make an appraisal in a simple way. Knowing the value of a property as accurately as possible is the first step in any operation. We explain how a professional appraiser works and how the most advanced internet portals do it, so that you can understand the process.

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When you ask for an appraisal, the appraiser usually sends you an estimate. If you are satisfied, the appraiser gets to work. There is a different approach, but they usually follow a more or less similar process.

The first step of the appraiser is to ask for a simple note to the Land Registry to verify that the information you have given him coincides with reality. Take the opportunity to ask for a copy of the title deed of the property and check the data with the land registry and the Town Hall.

Afterwards, visit the property and analyze in detail the state of the building. For example, if it has passed the technical inspection of buildings (ITE) and what is the exterior appearance. He also takes into account the location of the property. An apartment of 60 square meters right above a bar area does not have the same value as a property of the same dimensions in front of a park.


Cadastre also has the full name, company name and address of the owner or taxpayer of the IBI, as well as the cadastral value. These data are considered protected and are not freely available. In case of being the owners of the property, these data can be consulted telematically by accessing the electronic office by means of an electronic certificate, [email protected] system or a password agreed with the cadastre.

The purpose of the Land Registry is the registration or annotation of acts and contracts relating to ownership and other rights in rem over real estate. The aforementioned registrations or annotations will be made in the Registry in whose territorial jurisdiction the real estate is located. That is to say, there are different registries depending on the municipality or zone in which the property is located.

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Once the information on the asset has been obtained, the technician will carry out the urban planning checks and with all the information obtained will begin to prepare the real estate appraisal in accordance with the regulations in force (Order ECO/803/2005).

Register of sbs appraisers

The Real Estate Cadastre is an administrative registry under the Ministry of Finance, in which real estate is recorded. Its regulations are established in the Real Estate Cadastre Law.

It should be noted that unlike the Land Registry, in this registry the registration of the property is obligatory and its main function is to serve as a basis for the application of taxes such as IBI, Inheritance and Gift Tax or Transfer Tax.

The problem with this type of differences in documentation arises when the owner wants to put the property up for sale, especially because the buyer can create certain discrepancies and doubts.

In any case, it is important to know that while this type of discrepancy exists, always the entity that will always influence is the Land Registry, since at the end of the day the cadastre is a merely administrative Registry and only serves as a base for the application of taxes on the relevant property, but it is the Registry that legally guarantees all that is necessary with respect to the property.

How do I register as a registered valuer?
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