How do I register with Royal Mail?

How do I register with Royal Mail?

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Well in Parcelforce I get this: “Your item, posted on 12/06/12 with reference RJ739751512GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in SPAIN AND CANARY ISLANDS. “I guess I have a few more days, and that everything is going well, but the iPodnazo me mosquea a poquillo and I do not know if customs is going to stop it has stopped or have been dispatched to be distributed.puts this in EMSY in the post office tells me that it has arrived at Barajas and is in is normal or I’m going to stop it??s2

Quote from: GonzaloM on June 14, 2012, 03:12:23 pmWell wait, what a hassle, I have to get 10 packages in a few days :hehehehe:What have you messed up in a moment!!!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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With the Buy Shipping service, you can purchase your shipping labels through Seller Central with the authorized carriers for your seller-managed orders. At the moment, we have DPD, Hermes and Royal Mail as authorized carriers in the UK.

If you have a company account with Royal Mail, you can access your own negotiated rates for the following shipping methods: Tracked24®, Tracked48®, Royal Mail 24® and 48®. If you have these services and prefer to use Royal Mail to manage your self-managed orders, you can complete the registration process here and link your Royal Mail account automatically through Manage your carrier accounts. For more information on how to link your account, click here.

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Shipping labels will only be available for purchase on Buy Shipment once carrier onboarding has been completed. That is, when the first pickup has been scheduled with the carrier. Carrier onboarding needs to be completed within 3-5 business days after completing the self-service registration process. Once carrier onboarding is complete, shipping options will be displayed in Buy Shipment and you will be able to purchase them to manage self-service orders.

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The Royal Mail is an iconic postal delivery service based in the United Kingdom, which includes parcel and package delivery, EMS and freight forwarding in its operations. The postal service is one of the oldest in the world, originally founded in 1516 and its logo is not only synonymous with postal services, but is among the most trusted and recognized delivery organizations in the world, especially in the UK.

Although the service primarily serves UK customers, its services include the forwarding and delivery of mail from other couriers, such as its subsidiary company, Parcelforce and General Logistics Systems (GLS). Royal Mail can also be involved in handling and delivery for various online marketplaces and e-commerce websites, such as Amazon and eBay.The company delivers to some 29 million addresses across the UK six days a week, Monday to Saturday, and has more than 12,000 post office branches in the UK and 52 Parcelforce Worldwide depots.

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Three weeks ago, members of iSIGHT Partners discovered a new ransomware that encrypts victims’ documents. They called this new threat “TorrentLocker”; it spreads via spam messages containing a link to a phishing page, where the user is asked to download and execute “information for tracking a shipment.” In August, only Australians were victims of the fake Australia Post pages for tracking shipments.

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As ESET researchers tracked the new threat, they found that this malicious group was targeting new victims. Internet users in the UK should be aware that there are fake Royal Mail tracking pages circulating online and distributing TorrentLocker:

Once installed, the malware encrypts victims’ documents and demands a ransom payment of £350 if paid within 72 hours or £700 if paid later. Payment is made via a bitcoin transaction (1.19 or 2.38 bitcoins). To hide its infrastructure, the web server is hosted on an .onion host on the Tor network.

How do I register with Royal Mail?
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