How do I start a service in services MSC?

Unable to start a service from command line

This documentation is not for the latest version of Windows Service. For the latest content on Windows services using BackgroundService, and the working service template, see:

Services can be configured to start automatically or manually. A service that starts automatically will start when the computer on which it is installed is first restarted or turned on. A service that is started manually must be started by the user.

There are several ways to start a service manually: from the Server Explorer, from the Service Control Manager or from code with a component called ServiceController.

Stop service

To be able to perform this procedure you must, at a minimum, belong to Account Operators, Domain Admins, Organization Administrators or equivalent. Review the details under “Additional Considerations” in this topic.Configuring how a service is started

For more information about Windows Time service settings, see W32tm at For more information about the user accounts that a service uses to log on, see Default settings for services at

Create a service in windows server 2012

Previously, we saw what are the Services in an operating system. Taking advantage of the definition of that term, let’s see how to start, stop and disable them on our Windows computer.

It is highly recommended that you create a restore point before making changes to the services. This way, if you make a mistake that paralyzes the computer, you can perform a system restore using the restore point to undo the changes.

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Automatic (Delayed Start) – With a service in this state, it will start right after boot time. Some services, when they are no longer required, will also stop automatically when they are not needed. If a service is not needed, set it to Manual or Disabled.

Manual (Trigger Start) – This is a version of Manual mode that allows Windows to start a service when specifically called and Microsoft’s response to “too many services running all the time”.

Manual – Manual mode allows Windows to start a service when needed. However, very few services will start when needed in Manual mode. If you find that you need a service, set it to Automatic.

Start service from cmd

Services are applications that run in the background of the system, transparently and without user interface, providing various functionalities of the operating system, for example web services, event logging, file services, printing, cryptography, error reporting, etc.

The service package is programmed in such a way that the computer is functional in a multitude of different situations, most of them will never be needed, so each user according to the environment where he uses his computer can decide which services to disable completely.

The Remote Desktop service is started with Windows to allow the user to control his system from another computer, it is illogical that if you have never used or are going to use it you keep this service active. It is possible to deactivate it and in case in the future you need that option you activate it manually.

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It is only an example, in modern operating systems there are several services that you can analyze and in your specific case configure them so that the startup instead of Automatic is Manual or Deactivate them completely in some situations.

How do I start a service in services MSC?
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