How do you reset services?

Factory Reset

RefreshPC is a free utility (Free) for Windows allowing users to reset services and system registry to their initial values (Default), thus resolving any problems caused by registry or service errors. In addition, you can clean RefreshPC previous recovery files if folders with temporary Windows files.

interface It is simple and very easy to use and the first use RefresPC immediately after installation, we are asked if we want to create a restore point (Advisable is to click Yes, Given that we will not have this possibility to use the utility later). to restores registry and Windows services to the initial values We just have to click on the Refresh my Windows Settings dam.

My cell phone won’t let me factory reset it

There often comes a time when we decide to reset our phone. This may be because for months you have been accumulating all kinds of photos, files and applications that you want to get rid of in one fell swoop, but also because you want to sell it and do not want to give it away with any of your personal files.

And that’s why today we’re going to explain how to restore factory settings on your Android. We are going to do it in two ways, first with a simple reset that you can do from the options of your mobile, but we will also tell you how to do a deeper reset from the recovery mode of the mobile. The second method is a bit more complex.

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However, before proceeding do not forget to save all the data you want to keep by making a backup copy of them. Once you have saved everything worth keeping, you can start with either of these two methods.

To guide you through the step-by-step we are going to use a Nexus, which has a clean Android interface without any modifications. As always we remind you, the way you go through the options may be slightly different depending on your manufacturer, but the main options are always the same.

The phone will be reset to factory settings. To use it, enter your old password.

If your service was cancelled because you did not pay your bill, you must pay the full amount owed to have your service reactivated. If you cannot pay your bill in full, you can make payment plans.

Important notice: You can also pay your bill by mail or in person, but we will reinstate your service only after your payment is credited to your account. Payments made on weekends or holidays will not be credited until the next business day.  Contact us and tell us that you made a payment in one of these ways. If you contact us, we can reactivate your service faster.

How to reset windows 10 services

The other alternative is to perform what we call a clean reboot, in which we will disable most drivers and programs that start automatically to see if any of them is causing the problems. In a nutshell, what we are going to do is disable almost all the programs and services that run at startup to see if there is something wrong with Windows or if the problems are caused by one of them.

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But before we start, if you are not quite sure what we are going to do we recommend you to create a restore point in Windows or create a backup. This way, if something goes wrong you can easily revert to the previous configuration. Beware of the automatic shutdown that does not interfere, and it is also important not to do this tutorial if your computer is connected to a network managed by others, as surely some of the tools or steps will be disabled by your administrator.

The first thing you have to do is to press at the same time the Windows key buttons + R. By doing so, you will open a window called Run. Type the msconfig command in the Run window and press OK to access a special system option called System Configuration, where you can configure the behavior of Windows at startup.

How do you reset services?
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