How do you tell the year of a boat by hull number?

How do you tell the year of a boat by hull number?

River hull number

Aquamarine has different meanings, all of them, in one way or another, related to the sea. This name can refer to sea water, to a color or to a pale greenish blue, emerald-like gemstone, with a luster and color reminiscent of the sea.

This name can refer to different connotations. Ultramarine is the name used for the pigments from which the blue color is obtained. It also refers to territories that belong to the same state, but are separated by the ocean.

In the BOE, Royal Decree 1027/1989 regulates, among other things, the naming of our ship. In its article 16 it establishes the indispensable requirements to request a name for the vessel together with the application for the provisional registration.

The most common area to make the inscription of the names of ships is in the stern due to its greater visibility, although we also find inscriptions in other places of the ship as in the side for example.

Serial number of a launch

Recalling Article 15(j) of the Convention establishing the International Maritime Organization, which deals with the functions of the Assembly in respect of rules and guidelines for maritime safety and for the prevention and control of marine pollution by ships;

1.o Request for information by telex or facsimile (*) from the Maritime Information Publishing Group, which is the LR’s maritime information publishing unit. When requesting such information, the following details should be provided, if possible:

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How to flag a vessel

This document certifies the vessel’s fitness for use. Any reference to the Certificate of Seaworthiness is equally applicable to the Certificate of Registration, both being equivalent for inspection purposes.

The Certificate (…) must always be carried on board. In the event of being required by the competent authorities and not finding said Certificate on board, a period of five working days, counted from the requirement, shall be available to justify to them the existence and validity of the Certificate on the date on which the requirement was made. (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.4.3)

Serious infractions are (…) navigation without a Certificate (…), or doing it with such Certificate expired. (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.12.a) and the realization of works of transformation or change of engine without the corresponding authorization or with infraction of the norms that regulate it (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.12.b).

The inspector will check the good condition of the hull, propulsion installation, electrical installation, deck and tanks – in addition to rigging if any – and that the vessel has the mandatory safety equipment on board.

Boat registration number

Boat registration is the administrative act by which a boat or pleasure craft is granted a registration number. The registration is made up of a series of alphanumeric characters that provide registration information. Any registration or inscription of a vessel entails an entry in the Ship Registry, with important differences in the case of registration or inscription of recreational vessels. Additionally, a vessel coming from a foreign country or newly built has to undergo flagging, a procedure by which it is licensed to fly the national flag.

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Additionally, the Maritime Authority may require the presentation of technical documentation, which does not exempt from the “in situ” inspection that may be requested. If the ship or vessel comes from a foreign country, i.e. is imported, the Vessel Registry will require additional documentation to justify it.

In case the vessel had a Certificate of Seaworthiness prior to 2005 and comes from a previous owner, a new Certificate of Seaworthiness must be issued and the corresponding fees must be paid.

How do you tell the year of a boat by hull number?
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