How do you tell the year of a vehicle by the VIN number?

How do you tell the year of a vehicle by the VIN number?

How to know the year of manufacture of a vehicle

Official brands also have online tools to offer advice on the repair of their vehicles. One example is the ETIS-Ford website, which is prepared for Ford vehicles.

On the other hand, it provides detailed information on the vehicle’s history: repairs carried out in the workshop, whether it has been modified, purchase and sale operations, etc. It is also a tool for detecting stolen vehicles in which this code may have been manipulated.

Car VIN number

There are different standards for the VIN or VIN. Manufacturers in EU countries use the ISO 3779 standard while North American manufacturers use a stricter system, although conforming to the ISO standard.

The VIN is stamped on the vehicle and, although there is no standard location, it is usually found under the hood or in the engine compartment, although it could also be found inside the passenger compartment, under the passenger seat, on the dashboard or on the driver’s door.

How to know the year of manufacture of a vehicle peru

Did you know that every modern car has a VIN code? It is important that you know what is the VIN of a car, as well as why it is so important to be protected against theft and to have security when buying cars.

The VIN code is divided into three parts. The first three characters make up the Worldwide Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). These specify the country of manufacture, manufacturer and vehicle type respectively.

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A good practice before buying a car is to look up the VIN of the vehicle. Once found, validate that it matches the car’s documents that the seller has. You should pay attention if the VIN is erased or if some components are different.

Additionally, when the car is stolen, the VIN can be used to report it by calling 133. For this reason, it is important to have the VIN of your car written down in a safe place. On the other hand, from Carabineros de Chile we can consult a VIN code to make sure that the car is not requested for theft.

Year of manufacture of a vehicle by vin

This alphanumeric code also serves to identify the main characteristics of a vehicle, covering information from the engine, gearbox and transmission or braking system, to the make, color and even the date of registration of the vehicle. For this very reason, it is very important to know what it is.

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How do you tell the year of a vehicle by the VIN number?
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