How does a waste Licence work?

How does a waste Licence work?

Solid waste management in colombia 2021

Because from an environmental point of view, the final disposal of waste in dumps or landfills is not the best alternative and therefore it is necessary to redefine the approach to waste management in our country. Thus, the standard focuses on the prevention and recovery of waste in all its aspects.

It creates the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), recognizes existing sanitary legislation on waste management and establishes new competences for the Ministry for waste management:

Waste management in Germany

The main instrument of the Law is the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a mechanism whereby producers of priority products are responsible for the organization and financing of the management of waste derived from the commercialization of their products in the country. In addition, the Law contemplates penalties for the crime of trafficking in hazardous waste, and a Recycling Fund as a mechanism to support the REP, which will finance projects, programs and actions developed by municipalities and associations of municipalities to prevent the generation of waste and promote its reuse, recycling and other types of recovery.

The Law contemplates the adaptation of other regulations to facilitate the operation of the REP system, defines specific obligations for the different actors involved in waste management and implements a system of supervision and sanctions.

These products were chosen and prioritized over others because they have one or more of the following characteristics: mass consumption, significant volume of waste, hazardous waste for human health and/or the environment, feasible recovery, and the existence of a comparative reference regulation. The Law establishes that a Decree of Targets and Other Associated Obligations (for short, Decree of Targets) must be established for each priority product. The publication of the decree will determine when the obligation to organize and finance the collection and treatment of each of these wastes will come into force.

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Permit for transportation of solid waste

We invite you to read a manual with all the information you need to manage your household waste responsibly. Reduce, reuse and sort are key actions that you can do at home in a simple way. But in the manual you can also find information on what to do with other waste that needs special management: pruning, debris, electronics, energy saving lamps, batteries, etc. You can ask any questions through social networks, in the Citizen Mailbox or by calling 1950 3000 option 3.

31.12.2021EcocentersEcocenters will be closed infrastructures to which neighbors can bring various recyclable materials and unused items, which will then be disposed of separately to facilitate their recovery.

16.11.2020The destination of the wasteThe container trucks collect the waste collected in the approximately 15,000 containers throughout the city every day. This waste is taken to disposal sites.

Hazardous waste

Yoghurt pots, juice cartons, beer cans… Packaging in Germany is not simply thrown away. The Dual System in Germany is responsible for the separate collection and recycling of materials such as paper, aluminum, plastic and glass. The recycling system is financed by licensing traders, manufacturers, importers and packagers who mark their products with the “Green Dot”.

Sustainability in Germany The following portals provide information on political programs and show you how citizens and companies can also act responsibly.

How does a waste Licence work?
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