How long are Samsung warranties?

How long are Samsung warranties?

Warranty tv samsung argentina

The battery is one of the components most prone to wear and tear over time, so it is important to take good care of it, to try to reduce or delay this wear and tear. A common problem is that batteries begin to suffer problems, such as discharging too quickly, which can cause the user to have to buy a new phone sooner than thought.Although if there is a problem in this regard, there is one aspect to take into account, which is to check the battery warranty. Many manufacturers offer a warranty, which means that we are protected in case of problems with the battery. What is the duration of this warranty? Is it offered by all manufacturers?

The battery warranty covers problems that have occurred without any tampering or misuse of the battery. If it is a failure that has arisen spontaneously, possibly because there is a factory fault in it, then the manufacturer or the store will be responsible and we will not have to pay anything for the repair and replacement of this phone battery, if the battery has been misused or manipulated, if the manufacturer detects this, the warranty is lost almost automatically. This means that the repair will not be paid for by the manufacturer, but we will have to pay for it ourselves out of our own pocket, and considering that most current Android phones use non-removable batteries with few exceptions, the repair can be expensive. So it is good to avoid misuse.

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What is covered by the warranty of a samsung cell phone?

If you want to enforce the warranty, you should go to the store where you bought it. If this is not possible -for example, if the store has closed-, you can complain to the manufacturer. Remember to keep all the documents you were given when you purchased the product.

If the product has a defect, you have the right to request free repair or replacement by a new one -provided that this is not disproportionate-. If these options are unfeasible, you can ask for a price reduction or even the termination of the contract, i.e. the refund of the money.

The deadline for filing a lawsuit in court is six months from the delivery of the product. You can demand a price reduction or withdraw from the contract, i.e. cancel it and get your money back.

What is covered by a samsung TV warranty?

For your peace of mind, we offer a warranty on all our products.If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.Below you will find a summary of what the warranty covers, links to register your products and your current registered products.

In the case of purchase, the date indicated on the receipt or invoice will be considered. In any case, to make the warranty effective, the customer must present, at the time of requesting the repair of your product, the respective documentation proving the purchase.

In accordance with paragraph a) of Article 39 of Law No. 453, on the duty of users to observe and assume the warnings and instructions regarding the proper use or conservation of the product, and by way of example, the use of the right to repair will not proceed in the following cases:

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– If applicable, the use of products, equipment, systems, spare parts, accessories, applications, external connections, installations or connectors not supplied or recommended in the user manual.


As with quality, suitability is determined not only by the fact that the product satisfies the needs for which it has been produced, but must also comply with those conditions that have been informed to the consumer.

It is the condition of the product in accordance with which, in normal situations of use – taking into account the duration, the information provided and, if applicable, the commissioning, installation and maintenance – it does not present unreasonable risks to the health or integrity of consumers.

The conditions of quality, suitability and safety of a good or service are those established in the technical regulations. When the products do not have technical regulations, they correspond to those that the producer or retailer informs to the consumers and to the ordinary and usual requirements of the market.

Yes. Producers are responsible for the quality, suitability and safety of the goods and services they place on the market, taking into account the information provided to the consumer, the ordinary and usual market conditions and the technical regulations if they exist for that particular product.

How long are Samsung warranties?
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