How long does a landlord licence last?

Official Gazette Commercial Premises Lease 2020

It is the time, which tenant and landlord agree, so that the tenant, mainly of premises and offices, can carry out works, apply for licenses or other tasks, in which the rental income is not paid, although the contract is already in force. In this regard, it is necessary to differentiate whether the grace period is total or partial. In the first case, neither the monthly payment nor the costs are paid, while in the second case the rent is not paid, but the expenses such as, for example, the supplies are paid.

In addition, you must also agree on what will happen to these changes after the end of the rental period. The simplest option is to carry out non-fixed works with installations that can be removed at the end of the contract.

Depending on the activity that we want to develop, some permits or others will be needed. As bureaucratic matters often go slowly, you can ask the owner for some time until the license is granted. Likewise, it is also advisable that the lessor specifies in the contract that this type of business is suitable to develop it in its premises.

Lease housing

– If you do not have a lease and you pay your rent every month, you are a month-to-month tenant. You or your landlord can end the tenancy with 30 days WRITTEN NOTICE.

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– If you do not have a lease and pay rent every week, you are a week-to-week tenant and you or your landlord can end the tenancy with a 7-day WRITTEN NOTICE.

– You and your landlord can sign a reasonable lease that can be enforced by a state court. If the terms of the lease are not in accordance with rights guaranteed by state or federal housing law, the court will not enforce those terms.

If you break the rules of your lease and affect the health or safety of others, the landlord can give you WRITTEN NOTICE that if you do not fix the problem within 10 days, you have 15 days to move out or you can be sued for eviction. If you have fixed the problem within 10 days, the landlord may not evict you at the end of 15 days.

Lease rates 2020 in Cuba

Before going into the background of this article, it is necessary for you to know the following; there are three Licenses that are necessary for the regular use of your Property, the Land Use License, the Construction License and the Building License.

The Land Use License is the authorization granted by the competent authority that allows your property to take advantage of a specific land use, such as multifamily housing, industrial, commercial and services, ecological conservation, among others; The Construction License is the materialization of an architectural project that complies with urban planning guidelines that govern the location of your property and the Building License is the authorization that allows us to individually exploit that land use granted to your property, for example if you have a Commercial and Service Land Use and you want to establish offices to rent them in your property, it is necessary to process a Building License for Commercial use and a Service License for Office use, and so on respectively for each particular use.

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Lease agreement in Cuba

“Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 1, leases for use other than as a dwelling are governed by the will of the parties, failing which, by the provisions of Title III of this law and, supplementarily, by the provisions of the Civil Code.”

1.- Only the empty premises are leased, as a physical space for the lessee to set up a cafeteria business. In this case we are dealing with a lease of premises or also called “lease for use other than as a dwelling”.

2.- A premises where the cafeteria activity was being developed is leased, but in this case the contract also leases all the machinery, furniture, stock, licenses, etc., which are located in the premises. In this case we are dealing with an industrial lease.

As far as the duration of the lease of premises, no particularity is established, leaving the Law of urban leases full freedom of pacts to the contracting parties. The duration, therefore, will be for the time that is wished to be agreed.

How long does a landlord licence last?
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