How long does it take for a private reg to come off?

Commercial Property Registry

It is the system that allows you to register the individuals or legal entities that perform acts of commerce, modify and renew the books, acts and documents related to the industrial, commercial and service activities performed by them; there is a Commercial Registry for each Chamber of Commerce and Production that is located in a province.

This instrument avoids seven (7) transfers, three (3) forms, four (4) payments in different offices, visits to four (4) different administrative units and at least twenty (20) working days to obtain the final answer.

After this, you must verify your chosen trade name (subject to review by the National Office of Intellectual Property -ONAPI-) which must be in the name selection page in the chamber’s system.

It means that your file contains an observation by the Commercial Registry, which must be corrected within 90 days from the day the payment of the corresponding service was made; after corrected it must be deposited again, having the delivery term corresponding to the type of service requested.

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In the first link you can find the regulations that apply to the different categories of products that require sanitary registration; it details the requirements for this procedure.    In the second link you can access the registration manuals and other documents of interest in the Regístrelo system.

All products of sanitary interest, i.e. food, cosmetics, medicines, natural products with medicinal qualities, biomedical equipment and material, chemical and hygienic products and pesticides and fertilizers for domestic use.

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In the link you can find the Regulation for the Granting of Operating Permits, this regulation contains the requirements, as well as limitations and scope of the procedure for the granting of Operating Permits.

To sell your products you must also have sanitary registration for each one of them; you can consult the following website for more information:

How long does it take to register an inherited property?

Remember that when you make this withdrawal at our Service Module (IMSS or ISSSTE), you can request the RCV AV procedure and continue saving to supplement your pension or have an exclusive savings for unforeseen events.

Remember that the IMSS Marriage Withdrawal process can be done only once in your lifetime, you do not reduce your weeks of contribution, but you do reduce the balance of your Individual Account. To increase your balance and that your future pension is not affected, we suggest that after your retirement and once you have generated savings, you consider making Voluntary Savings through our Afore SURA app or by logging into the private portal.

Remember that the amount of this pension depends on the balance accumulated in your Individual Account, so if you are making recurring Voluntary Savings or you did it throughout your working life, this form of retirement is for you. The advantage of Voluntary Savings is that there are no minimum or maximum amounts to make it.

If you obtained the right to a pension (Severance/Old Age) issued under the 1973 Social Security Law Regime and returned to work. You will be able to withdraw the money accumulated in the Retirement 97 and Housing 97 Subaccounts, in a single exhibition or in your Individual Account from the date of your reinstatement.

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Trademark Registration Consultation

Do not forget that before filing the online application you must verify the classification of your products or services, and verify if the trademark you want to register is sufficiently distinctive, that is to say, that it is not affected by any cause of irregistrability.

Publication: With the acceptance of the trademark application for processing, the applicant is obliged to order and pay for the publication of the extract of the application through the link to the Official Gazette. If he/she is unable to do so, he/she must do it at the Official Gazette Office. This publication process must be carried out within 20 working days following the date of acceptance for processing. If the publication process is not required, the application will be considered abandoned.

Examination of form and observations of form of the application: If in the examination of form, the application deserves observations, these will be notified through a daily statement, hence the importance of permanently consulting the administrative instance of the application once filed. The observations must be clarified, by the applicant or by the person who accredits to represent him, within a period of 30 days, by means of a simple letter or writing addressed to the Trademark Conservator. Failure to do so will result in the application being declared abandoned.

How long does it take for a private reg to come off?
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