How long is Samsung LED TV warranty?

How long is Samsung LED TV warranty?

Warranty of a samsung cell phone

If your TV works fine, then you are not particularly interested in how long it worked. But if you buy a used TV or you are offered to buy a TV that was a showroom display copy, you happen to exchange the TV under warranty for a refurbished one, then it is extremely interesting to ask how long the TV has worked.

For the manufacturer, this is mainly necessary for statistics. If the TV is under warranty repair, the service engineer observes how long the TV worked. The information is entered into the database and analyzed by the quality and service support department.

Warranty samsung tv colombia

Yes, these modern appliances are more complicated, and although you can change some parts or other electronic components, the screens of these appliances are a bigger problem, especially if what is broken is the panel.

The panel of the screen of an LED TV can be replaced by another, the detail is that this part has almost the same price as when we buy the device itself new in an appliance store. Now, let’s think about it, is it really worth it?

For some people yes, and this is where our service agents come in, who are experts in replacing LED TV panels. But keep in mind that the repair will not come at a very modest cost.

By going to our technical service association SAT in the province of Pontevedra, you will have the guarantee that the repair will be successful and the TV will not present other failures that often result from this type of breakage, as our experts fully master the process of replacing these parts.

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Warranty samsung tv

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Anyone who has lived through past eras of technology, with televisions that used cathode ray tubes, has to recognize that these products were bought thinking that they were going to last a lifetime in our living room.

Reaching that figure does not mean that the TV stops working, but rather that it starts to do so with parameters that are not ideal, those that the creator sold us at the time the product was switched on.

That technology advances does not necessarily mean that our equipment becomes obsolete, rather it means that there are certain qualities of content that we can not access, that is, we can not enjoy them at the highest possible quality at a given time. Here are some of the reasons to ‘write off’ our old appliance.

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Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K) QLED TVs are here to stay. It is not a complex specification to assimilate by the market as happened with 3D panels, the increase in resolution is a necessary evolution.

How long is Samsung LED TV warranty?
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