How long is Siemens warranty?

How long is Siemens warranty?

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Household appliances are lasting less and less, but the truth is that there are many differences between one brand and another. The experience of thousands of members allows us to know how long their appliances have lasted: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators… If you have to buy one, this is of interest to you.

Our reliability index, based on users’ experience, takes into account, among other factors, the frequency and importance of breakdowns. In general, the most durable brands are also the most reliable… but this is not always the case.

Among washing machines, the most reliable are Miele, Zanussi, Bosch and Siemens. In dishwashers are Neff, Selecline (Alcampo), Miele and Haier. Among tumble dryers, Miele is also the most reliable brand, in this case followed by Zanussi and Beko, in that order. Among refrigerators, Kuft (Worten) stands out far above the rest, followed by Franke and Bauknecht.

Household appliances are expensive products.  When we invest in them, we expect them to last a long time and, if they start to fail, to be able to repair them before discarding them: often, the price or the difficulty of the repair or the lack of spare parts does not allow it, as the respondents indicate.

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In cases where the defects are due to improper use of the appliance, the repair will not be covered by the warranty and you will be responsible for the cost of the repair. If you do not agree with the estimated amount, you will have to pay the expenses derived from its elaboration.

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In any case, when the product is repaired under warranty, you will have a new period of six months from the date of delivery of the repaired product, during which it is understood that any defect that appears again will be derived from the repair.


Welcome to Servicio Técnico Siemens Viladecans, your professional repair service for Siemens appliances in Viladecans. The long life of white goods depends on two factors: their correct use and care and the intervention of a professional to carry out any repair needed. Thanks to our professional home repair service you can be sure that your Siemens appliance will be in the best hands. You don’t have to buy a new appliance as soon as yours shows the first fault, not even when one of its parts breaks.

All our repairs are backed by a 6-month written warranty. If within this period the same failure occurs again, we will repair it again at no cost, as long as it is not due to force majeure or misuse.

In the event that your Siemens appliance requires the replacement of any part, we have original spare parts from the manufacturer. We want to ensure the quality of our repairs by always using the best tools and components recommended and manufactured by Siemens.

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Company specialized in the repair and maintenance of household appliances, our technicians are professionals and are trained to offer the best service with guarantee for your total confidence.

Our Technical Service specializes in repairing all types of appliances offering the highest quality in the industry ensuring maximum durability and proper operation.

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If what you are looking for is the peace of mind of knowing that your appliances are always in the best possible condition, our Technical Service offers a Maintenance Service thus reducing the possibility of breakdowns and their severity.

Our Technical Service offers you the possibility of choosing our Installation Service so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with the installation of your appliances and have the security that our Expert Technicians will leave your equipment ready to be used.

All the Services that our Technical Service performs are Home Assistance. One of our Expert Technicians will come as quickly as possible to your home and perform the repair creating the least possible inconvenience.

How long is Siemens warranty?
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